Build member loyalty with a membership card

Joyn membership card that functions as a retailer card

Build member loyalty with a membership card

Joyn membership card that functions as a retailer card

Wouldn't it be great if your association had its own membership cards? They are a fantastic way to foster ties among your members and with their association, and to make their membership official.

Thinking of getting membership cards? See what they can do for you!

Joyn: Build member loyalty with a membership card

When you issue membership cards and your members receive them, you foster a sense of belonging. Your members are 'official members' of your club, and have their membership card to prove it. Membership cards can also be personalised with the member's first and last names, and perhaps a photo or their date of birth.

If you add the year of membership to the card, your staff can immediately check that the holder has renewed this year (which can be important if they're claiming certain advantages). In addition, membership renewals become a nice time to say 'Thank you for renewing! Your new membership card is enclosed.'

If you link additional advantages to the cards (like preferential ticket sales, free entrance to events or discounts on equipment purchases), you strengthen the 'community feeling' even more. It's a way to make membership of your club more attractive, because of all the benefits that come with it.

What Joyn offers

Our partner is Joyn, which offers customised club cards. They function as a retailer card that can be used at local establishments. But, wait for it – the first 250 associations will get these membership cards for free! After that, you'll be charged just the printing costs, so the offer is still a good one.

So, how does Joyn offer benefit you?

  • Membership cards are of bank card quality.
  • One face of the card can be fully customised to the needs of your association.
  • Access to the full Joyn network, where the membership card can be used as a digital retailer card at establishments that have signed up to the scheme.
  • Joyn will sponsor your association for each new retailer you can persuade to sign up to the Joyn network.

Get Joyn to sponsor your association

Talk to local retailers and get them to join the Joyn network. For each new retailer that you win over, Joyn will give you 100 euros of sponsorship. And that's good both for your association and for your members, who not only have a membership card, but also a digital retailer card they can use at those retailers. They can use it to collect digital stamps entitling them to discounts and free products. The retailer benefits by building close ties with your association's members.


Get in touch with Joyn

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