Comfortable day-to-day running of your club

with ThreeAndMore

Comfortable day-to-day running of your club

with ThreeAndMore

'Who's paid their subs? When's the contest? Who's coming to tonight's meeting?' If you're the treasurer or chairman of a sports or other club or you head up a local residents' initiative, you'll be more than aware that running it can turn out to be much more than you ever imagined. Now, ThreeAndMore offers you a solution.

What can ThreeAndMore offer your club?

ThreeAndMore is a platform for clubs and societies. It gives them all the tools they need to grow and run their community. ThreeAndMore is an off-shoot of the Start it @KBC start-ups' platform

The free ThreeAndMore platform reduces the administrative burden of running your club and helps you grow a community. The platform is a package that covers membership administration, organising activities, communication and a payment solution. In an associated app, members can pay their subs using their smartphone, and sign up and pay for taking part in the club's activities. 

You have a range of tools for further expanding the club together with its members. In addition, the platform is fully compliant with the latest EU privacy laws protecting both your and your members' data.

Wat krijg je bij ThreeAndMore?

  • The club gets a range of tools for growing and running its community, including the capacity to manage membership dues, activities, social media and reports. Another feature ensures that the day-to-day admin challenges are resolved.
  • Members get an app allowing them to take part in their favourite communities. Privacy is the watchword, with each member having sole ownership and management of their own data.
  • Comprehensive, interactive and free! 

Learn more by checking out this interview, in which Guy and Kimball from ThreeAndMore give further details of where they sought inspiration and found solutions.  

How ThreeAndMore works

ThreeAndMore consists of an online portal for people who run 'communities' (like clubs and associations) plus a smartphone app for their members.

1. Administrators' portal

ThreeAndMore eases the daily admin of your club or society

The online portal is for those who run a community. If you have a part to play in running more than one community, they're all listed. Selecting 'manage' next to a specific organisation name takes you to its page. 



2. App for members

ThreeAndMore: a platform and app for your club and its members.

Members get a handy app where they can create their own profile.

Under 'My communities', app users are shown all the ThreeAndMore-listed communities that they're members of.

Members can use the app to stay updated on events and activities.

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