The online marketplace for local retailers and SMEs


The online marketplace for local retailers and SMEs

Ideal digital marketplace

Storesquare is an online retail mall that lets you venture into e-commerce at an affordable price, without complications.

Start-up, marketing, sales, logistics, distribution and more

Storesquare gives you a platform to set up your own online store. It includes everything you require from start-up to distribution: all you need do is put the products online!

Increase sales

Want to increase visibility and sales? Storesquare showcases your store and products, helping you to attract new customers.

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What is Storesquare?

KBC, Unizo and Roularta have joined forces and created a digital marketplace for Belgian businesses. Storesquare offers local retailers and SMEs in any sector an easy, affordable, all-in solution for doing e-commerce. They are at the heart of what we do which is why we've revamped our website and given it a refreshing new look and feel.

Setting up an online store of your own can be a long, drawn-out affair. To avoid this stress and hassle, Storesquare provides you with an online platform that brings all the local retailers and SMEs together under one roof. Storesquare also takes care of your online store's design, technology, payment facilities, distribution, logistics and marketing. All you need to do is display your products and services online, and you’re ready to roll! 

Why choose Storesquare?

Storesquare means you don't have heavy investment outlays, marketing efforts or all kinds of legal and logistical aspects to grapple with. All you need to do is put your products and services up on display and Storesquare will do the rest. 

Discover all of the advantages of Storesquare

  • A simple tool for putting your products and services online and managing it
  • Link your Storesquare shop to your own website or Facebook page
  • Channel more traffic to your store by means of the blanket Storesquare campaign
  • No worries about financial settlement procedures
  • The legal framework is already in place for you
  • Save on the major investment that would be required to launch your own online store.
  • Get additional support where you need it
    • Get assistance in taking professional photos
    • Use Bpost for its practical distribution solution

The cost of going for the Storesquare solution

Anyone signing up in 2017 is exempt from subscription charges until the end of the year. After that, you pay 0,30 euro per visitor of the online store with a maximum of 135 euros excl. VAT per month for the standard package. Extra costs then depend on the amount of additional support you want. 

Standard package

Set-up: plug & play
  • Free
Periodic charge
  • 0,30 euro per visitor of the online store with a maximum of 135 euros excl. VAT per month;
  • free until 31 December 2017.
Transaction commission
  • A fixed commission (varies from 5 to 9% according to sector) on the price excluding VAT, including transaction charges of 2%

Optional package

Logistics solution using Bpost, including returns
  • 1.72 euros excl. VAT per parcel up to 5 kg
  • Customers pay 1.99 euros excluding VAT if the purchase is less than 30 euros excluding VAT.
On-site set-up assistance
  • Minimum 4 hours for 220 euros excl. VAT
  • Extra hours at 55 euros per hour
Link with stock, cash register and/or online store
  • Free of charge if you integrate the link yourself using Storesquare's API or deliver a file that corresponds with the layout and specifications that you can find on ''
  • If the integration has to be carried out by Storesquare a fixed cost of 320 euros excl. VAT will be charged
Photo shoot and processing
  • Storesquare will provide you with a list of photographers you can contact for professional product photos.

Online sales made easy with Storesquare

  1. A simple tool lets you place your products and services online.
  2. The customer places an order and immediately pays for it online.  They can choose from a range of payment facilities (Bancontact, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, the KBC Payment Button, the KBC Paypage, ...). 
  3. The Storequare purchase triggers dispatch of an e-mail to you.
  4. You confirm the product's availability on the platform.
  5. The buyer receives confirmation.
  6. You're sent a shipping label.
  7. The buyer also has the option of collecting the goods from your store.
  8. The buyer has a 14-day cooling-off period. If they want to return the goods, they contact you via the platform and receive a shipping label.
  9. Storesquare pays the return charges.
  10. Once the statutory return period has elapsed, the purchase price less commission and any transaction charges is credited to your account.

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