Software for account information


Software for account information

Why choose eReporting+?

If you’re a user of KBC Business Dashboard or Isabel, you’ll find it handy to use eReporting+.

Preparing reports, making selections and exporting relevant data in Excel, CSV or PDF format –all are possible. React fast to changes in your financial situation thanks to the automatically generated balance calculations.

eReporting+ is a software package allowing you to view your account information in understandable language or to export it for further processing. The program gives you a clear picture of your domestic and foreign accounts

Choose the version of eReporting+ that suits your needs!

eReporting+ is an add-on software application on top of Business Dashboard or the Isabel package. The application is local: this means that you can work with it without having to have a continual Internet connection. There are two different formulas giving you a package tailored to your needs.

eReporting+ Light:

  • Search by search criteria and print reports: three standard reports
    • Transfers with structured communication (OGM)
    • Unpaid direct debits
    • Daily statements
  • Converts MT940 files to CODA files
  • Displays information contained in CODA and MT940 files from KBC

eReporting+ Full:

  • Search via search criteria plus broad selection and reporting features
  • Converts MT940 files to CODA files
  • Value and accounting balance calculation
  • Displays CODA & MT940 files from KBC to other financial institutions
  • Displays SWIFT Intraday files

How much does eReporting+ cost?

  eReporting+ Light eReporting+ Full
You have a KBC Business Convenience 0 EUR 20 EUR (excl. VAT) per month per user
You do not have a KBC Business Convenience 20 EUR (excl. VAT) per month per user 40 EUR (excl. VAT) per month per user

eReporting+ applications

Please go to your KBC branch to request eReporting+. Before requesting it, check whether your computer meets the system requirements. For example, eReporting+ is only compatible with Windows. Once your application has been processed, you can easily download the progam and start using it.

What you need to do to use eReporting+

You need to have KBC Business Convenience or Isabel and be able to receive Coda and/or Swift files!
Ask your KBC branch to activate eReporting+ for you.
If the application is active, you can download eReporting+

Getting started with eReporting+

If you’ve asked your KBC Bank branch to activate eReporting+ and your request has been processed, you can immediately make a start on using it.

1.      Log in to  KBC Business Convenience.

  • Go to ‘Manage applications’.
  • Select the plus sign next to ‘Local Applications’, which expands the submenu.
  • Tick ‘eReporting+ Light’ or ‘eReporting+ Full’.
  • Then tick ‘eReporting+ – necessary for access to eReporting+’.

2.      Download the eReporting+ software.

3.      Go through each step of the eReporting+ manual to set the program up and get familiar with all its functions.


If you have any questions, please call our helpdesk or drop by your KBC Bank branch .

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