Get legal advice for your business from Monard Law

  • Video meeting with a specialised lawyer
  • Clear analysis and advice tailored to individual businesses
  • 195.00 euros (excl. VAT) for a 1-hour video meeting
Discover Monard Law in KBC Mobile

Monard Law can be used with a business account.

Discover Monard Law in KBC Touch

Monard Law can be used with a business account.

Monard Law is on hand to help

Got a legal question or problem relating to your company? KBC will put you in touch with a specialised lawyer at Monard Law to help you get a clear idea of what exactly you can do.

What can you contact Monard Law about?

We're happy to help you with any legal questions or problems relating to your company, such as:

  • Can you just keep and use customer data? What privacy rules do you need to consider?
  • Your customer has gone bankrupt and has many outstanding invoices. What can you do?
  • How do you end a supplier relationship?
  • How do you prepare for a visit by an inspectorate?

How does it work?

Clearly state your question or problem. Indicate the company you're requesting advice for and specify when you're available for the video meeting. You can easily add documents in KBC Mobile, if you need to. Provide us with as much information as possible so the lawyer at Monard Law can prepare thoroughly for the meeting.

Monard Law looks for the most suitable lawyer specialising in your business area and guarantees you an appointment within two business days.

You'll receive honest and concrete advice during a video meeting. If the meeting lasts longer than one hour, the lawyer will discuss first how it should be continued and how much this would cost.

How do you request legal advice in KBC Mobile?

1. Open KBC Mobile
2. Go to ‘More’ at the bottom right
3. Tap ‘For your business’ > ‘Legal advice’
And you're all set to ask for advice.

Hoe vraag je juridisch advies in KBC Touch?

1. Open KBC Touch
2. Klik links onder ‘Zakelijk’ op ‘Extra Diensten’
3. Klik op ‘Monard Law’
En je bent klaar om juridisch advies te vragen.