KBC Business Compact

The benefits

KBC Business Compact

The benefits

Why choose KBC Business Compact?

If you have an employee who helps you with the financial management of your business, KBC Business Compact might be just what you need. It offers optimum payment convenience for two users. 

Included as standard

  • Current account
  • Two KBC Bank Cards with all facilities
  • Unlimited manual and electronic transactions
  • KBC Touch to manage your current account online
  • KBC Business
  • KBC-Online for Business subscription for two users, including:
    • KBC e-Business Card and Card Reader
    • KBC Security Certificate
    • Basic features
    • Multi-user workspace
    • Ability to sign transactions

Our Business Convenience current accounts can be managed using KBC Touch as well as KBC-Online for Business. If you're a medium-sized or larger business with a Business Convenience account, KBC-Online for Business is the best way to manage your account.

It's our online service for managing business accounts, specially designed for businesses. It makes bookkeeping, administration and reports for your business easier. Manage your business affairs wherever and whenever you need to with KBC-Online for Business.

Extra services

If you need more than the standard services, KBC is there to meet your business needs. Choose from the following products and services:

  • Additional KBC Bank Cards
  • Business credit cards: KBC Mastercard Business Essential and KBC Mastercard Business Extra
  • VAB Fuel Card. As a KBC Business Compact Account holder, you benefit from an annual discount of 5 euros on each VAB Fuel Card
  • Payment terminals and payment buttons
  • Additional modules for KBC-Online for Business


The annual charge for a KBC Business Compact Account is 53.16 euros . If your sales income from debit and credit card transactions made via a payment terminal or a payment button is credited through KBC, you will receive an additional annual discount of 15 euros.

KBC Business

KBC Business enables you to do your banking anywhere and at any time on your smartphone or tablet. You can:

  • Consult the same accounts as in KBC-Online for Business 
  • Make credit transfers easily; if the transfer is to a known beneficiary, you can transfer amounts up to 15,000 euros 
  • Sign payment instructions or files initiated in KBC-Online for Business using your smartphone or tablet 

Credit cards for business use

Manage your business expenses as a self-employed entrepreneur or member of the liberal professions with a KBC Mastercard Business Essential. It's quick and it's secure. This credit card carries a spending limit of 3,000 euros and makes paying and withdrawing cash simple – both in Belgium and abroad.

You will receive a statement every fortnight showing your credit card transactions, making it much easier to analyse your expenditure. And you can view a detailed statement of your card transactions at any time in KBC-Online for Business.

If you're looking to get more out of your credit card, go for a KBC Mastercard Business Extra. It offers a total solution for all your business expenditure and gives you solid control over your business spending. Worry-free thanks to:

  • Its higher spending limit: 5,000 euros as standard
  • Insurance against intentional acts of violence
  • The ability to manage the credit card via KBC-Online for Business

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