KBC Deals

Offer deals in KBC Mobile to attract and win customers

KBC Deals

Offer deals in KBC Mobile to attract and win customers

Advertise by offering deals through our Mobile app

Attract and win customers through our popular app used daily by over a million people.

Promote your business easily

Want to attract new customers or reward your loyal ones? Tell us your focus and we’ll take it from there.

Save on branding costs

Tap into our broad network and boost your business. Sign up without set-up fees or media costs.

Wat is KBC Deals?

KBC Deals lets KBC Mobile users get cashback rewards from high-street businesses and online stores.

When you advertise with us, your offers appear in the ‘Deals’ section of our app. You decide who you want to target, easily reaching existing and potential customers.

Advertise in KBC Mobile and reach more customers

How does KBC Deals work?

Our customers can view and activate your deals in KBC Mobile under KBC Deals. Once they activate your deals, they can earn cashback rewards.

They receive those on their account at the end of the month if they pay at your sales outlet(s) or in your online store using their KBC account, debit card or credit card.

Target and activate existing or new customers

KBC Deals helps you easily reach a wider audience. Tap into our large and ever-growing KBC Mobile user base to open up your business to a whole new world of potential customers and reward loyal existing ones.

You decide who you want to make cashback offers to, like customers you haven’t seen for a while. Deals are a great way to reactivate dormant customers.

Interested in offering deals through KBC Mobile? Contact us now

From large or small businesses to local retailers

Deals are valid for both online and in-store purchases. That makes them ideal for getting existing and new customers to visit your business in person.

Get more from your marketing budget with less time and effort

There are no start-up fees or media costs for KBC Deals and hardly any paperwork. And that’s not all. You also reap the benefits of our marketing expertise when you advertise with us.

If someone goes for one of your deals, you pay a small commission on the relevant cashback amount. That means we work on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

Apply for and attract customers with KBC Deals
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