KBC Flexims

An all-in-one solution for your import and export files

KBC Flexims

An all-in-one solution for your import and export files

Efficiently manage your import and export transactions

Submit your instructions to KBC online and fuss-free.

It's fast and it's secure

Store your standard texts quickly and easily, alter current documentary credits or enter collection instructions.

Unlimited control and 24/7 access

In a click of the mouse, you have an overview of every detail of your documentary credit.

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What is KBC Flexims?

If you are an importer or exporter wishing to simplify your transaction management, then KBC Flexims is the ideal app for you. Because together with you, KBC aims to take the worry out of international business.

Free, safe and tailor-made, with your documentary collections and credits in one place and continuous insight into your international bank guarantees and your secondary guarantees. That sums up KBC Flexims, the free tool for your import and export administration.


  • Efficient management of all your import and export files
  • Free of charge
  • Insight into your requests and payments anytime, anywhere

  • A dedicated KBC adviser to assist you

  • Access to the app anywhere in the world

Modular tailor-made system

Looking for an application built to your requirements? KBC Flexims has a modular structure offering convenience: you choose which modules you use, entirely according to your needs.

Quick and secure import and export transactions

Want to be able to make changes in your documentary credits, or enter a collection instruction? Our user-friendlyKBC Flexims tool gets the job done quickly. Our navigation and smart checks help you to submit requests, which will be with your personal KBC adviser in no time. Managing your import and export transactions has never been easier.

Unlimited control and 24/7 access

With worldwide desktop access around the clock, it couldn't be more advantageous. Check the status of your requests and closely monitor payments.  

Direct contact with KBC

If you wish, KBC is on hand to offer guidance and advice. With KBC Flexims, you can communicate directly with our specialised staff. And if you'd like notification of significant events, such as the opening of a documentary credit in your favour, KBC will keep you informed.

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If you're interested in KBC Flexims, feel free to get in contact with your relationship manager at KBC or call the KBC-Helpdesk.


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