Business credit facilities in KBC Touch

Insight into your business credit facilities anytime, anywhere.

Business credit facilities in KBC Touch

Insight into your business credit facilities anytime, anywhere.

View your business credit at a glance

Get KBC Touch for 24/7 detailed access to your loan portfolio, right from the palm of your hand. Plus, you can always check the status of your credit.

You can now take out credit digitally

New forms of credit can be signed for quickly and easily in KBC Touch. So, there's no longer any need to go to a KBC branch.

Draw down funds yourself

Manage your new credit yourself and record your drawdowns.

Quickly sign for, request and draw down credit in KBC Touch

KBC Touch is an online banking tool that, as someone running a business, gives you an overview of (both your business and your personal) account information anytime, anywhere. KBC Touch also lets you quickly view and manage all your business credit facilities:

  • You get an overview of all your business credit
  • You can draw down credit regardless of purpose
  • You can digitally sign for new credit

New: You can now use KBC Touch to sign digitally for new credit facilities. To do so, go to your 'Actions' in KBC Touch. Open the message in question and read over the documents before signing. Once you've signed, you can easily continue to manage and draw down the new credit facilities.

Your credit: the benefits of KBC Touch

Overview of your credit

KBC Touch gives you a clear view of your business credit facilities: at the top of the display, you always see your investment credit, repayment schedules, leasing arrangements and credit lines with their available credit forms.

Detailed display for each credit facility From the overview, you can access detailed displays for each credit facility. The detailed displays give you more information about each specific credit facility.
Extensive information In KBC Touch, you can find relevant details for each credit facility, such as future repayment schedules, amounts already paid, payments made and planned to be made to the tax authorities, current and future drawdowns of straight loans and investment credit.
See how your credit is progressing A visual depiction shows you clearly how your credit is progressing. Progress is shown visually in a bar at the top of the detailed display for each credit.
Credit drawdowns Upload your invoices and get instant access to your credit facility. Draw down the relevant amount online and pay your supplier in a flash. Wherever and whenever it suits. 

How it works

Draw down straight loans in KBC Touch

Straight loans can be drawn down in KBC Touch in just a few clicks. Use the 'Drawings on straight loans' button, which you'll find in the outline screen for your business credit facilities or in the credit facility details. Just enter the desired amount and the drawdown period and sign digitally to complete drawing down the straight loan. You stay in control and get the most from 24/7 banking wherever you are.

Find out more about straight loans from KBC

Draw down investment credit using KBC Touch

To draw down investment credit facilities for movable and immovable purposes in KBC Touch, first choose the facility you want to draw down. In the detailed display, select 'Withdraw' Then just enter the amount to be drawn down, upload the proof of investment (invoice) and add a brief description of the proof. And that's all you need to do to draw down your credit and put the funds on your account.

Your completed drawdowns are arranged in date order. Adding your own description for each drawdown gives you a clear financial record of your project.

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