KBC Business

Manage your business banking on your smartphone or tablet where and when you want

KBC Business

Manage your business banking on your smartphone or tablet where and when you want

Account information on your smartphone or tablet

Take your business accounts with you and check them on your smartphone or tablet at any time with our free app.

Approve and make individual and batched payments

Use the app to approve and digitally sign single and even multiple payments entered using KBC-Online for Businessor Isabel.

Make transfers between your own accounts or other accounts

Euro area fund transfers are simple once your beneficiary account details are saved in KBC-Online for Business.

What is KBC Business?

KBC Business is a free app for businesses already using KBC-Online for Business or Isabel. It lets you manage your banking where and when you want on your smartphone or tablet. Here are just some of the great features it offers you:

Access your account details quickly and easily

The app lets you access your accounts anytime anywhere, showing you the same current accounts and savings accounts as in KBC-Online for Business. It also lets you view your transactions up to one year in the past.

Approve and execute orders and files

sign transactions with your smartphone

You can use KBC Business to approve and execute files and (payment) orders created in KBC-Online for Business or Isabel.

Companies often allow certain employees or the accounting department to enter payment orders (in KBC-Online for Business), although they are not authorised to sign for those payments. Once payment orders have been entered, the authorised person can use the app on a smartphone or tablet to sign for payments

Make transfers between your own accounts and to third-party accounts

With the app you can quickly and easily make transfers between your own accounts. You can only carry out transfers that you are authorised to make.

You can also use the app to make transfers to other accounts held anywhere in the euro area. You can only make transfers to third parties if the beneficiary has been entered in KBC-Online for Business.

For security reasons, the app does enforce certain transaction limits for making transfers. These are not enforced in KBC-Online for Business or Isabel, in which the limits are set by the powers of attorney. The default setting is shown below, but you can always have these settings changed by contacting your KBC Bank branch.

  Standard transaction limit Standard daily limit
Transfers between your own accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Transfers from unknown beneficiaries and scash transfers 1000 euros 1000 euros
Transfers to known beneficiaries 10 000 euros 10 000 euros
Signing orders 50 000 euros 50 000 euros
Signing files 50 000 euros 50 000 euros

Use our scash feature

wat is scashen

Our KBC Business app also gives you our handy 'scash' (scan & cash) feature that lets you make and receive payments with your smartphone or tablet without needing any other media (like your card, card reader or computer).

It uses QR codes (which you may know from our %%product.mobile%% app), enabling you to make or receive payments in person in the presence of the other party. If receiving a payment, you just enter the amount and create a QR code with the app. The payer just has to scan the QR code with their smartphone and tap 'pay' to make payment in seconds. There's no need to enter or know each other's account number.

Note: the scash feature can only be used between KBC, KBC Brussels and CBC accounts.

Tip: for payments with a scash code you can select a preferred account for making and receiving payments using the scash feature. This account can always be changed.

Do your business banking on the go in full security

The security of mobile banking is extremely important to KBC. KBC Business is just as secure and reliable as online banking computer applications. Although all you see is the login and PIN combination, this is only one of the many security measures we take to protect you when using the app. You can rest assured that online banking with us is always secure and reliable, regardless of whether you are using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Get started with KBC Business

Install our Business app on your smartphone or tablet and activate it in just a few steps.

Step 1: Fulfil our system requirements
Step 2: Register to use the app through KBC-Online for Business
Step 3: Receive your activation codes
Step 4: Download the KBC Business app

Learn more or get KBC-Online for Business

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Frequently asked questions on KBC Business

Frequently asked questions on KBC Business

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Install KBC Business on your smartphone or tablet

Install KBC Business on your smartphone or tablet

Install the KBC Business app in just a few steps and get started.