Get paid safely during the coronavirus crisis

See our guide to all your options

Get paid safely during the coronavirus crisis

See our guide to all your options

How can you safely receive payments to your business during the coronavirus crisis?

The safest ways for your customers to pay are by:

  1. Contactless debit card
    See how
  2. Mobile phone
    See how
  3. Wearable
    See how
  4. Contactless-enabled smartwatch
    See how

That way there’s no physical contact and your customers touch your payment terminal’s keypad as little as possible.

1. How do you get paid by contactless debit card?

How do you get paid by contactless debit card?

Ask your customers to hold their card close to the contactless payment symbol on your payment terminal for a few seconds (there’s no need to touch it).
They don’t need to enter their PIN for payments of 50 euros or less, so they don’t have to touch any keys. However, they’ll need to enter it if what they’re buying costs over 50 euros.

The limit for contactless payments without a PIN has been temporarily raised to 50 euros due to the coronavirus crisis. If your customers make a number of consecutive, PINless contactless payments for more than 100 euros (for instance, 10 euros + 45 euros + 25 euros + 25 euros), they’ll have to insert their card into the payment  terminal and enter their PIN to pay for the last purchase.

Can any customer pay by contactless?

Your customers can pay without touching a payment terminal if they have a debit or credit card with the contactless logo on it (four radio waves).
If it doesn’t work, they may need to activate their card’s contactless feature (they might have to contact their bank for this).

Don’t have a payment terminal?

Apply for one easily now. Note that delivery may be delayed due to the current Covid-19 situation.

2. How do you get paid by smartphone?

Hoe mobiel betalen met je smartphone?

Your customers can pay you in a number of ways on their mobile phone by scanning a QR code or using several other methods.

2.1 QR code payments

You customers can pay you on their phone using our KBC Mobile app or the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Here’s how it works:

• Display a QR code at your till where it can be easily seen
• Ask your customers to scan the QR code with their phone
• Get them to confirm payments by entering a PIN on their phone

Not yet offering your customers Payconiq as a way to pay? Apply for Payconiq now.

2.2 Other payment methods

Your customers can also pay you in other ways like the Google Pay app for Android phones. All they have to do is briefly hold their phone close to your payment terminal until their phone beeps or vibrates to confirm payment. Your terminal also tells them that they’ve paid.

3. How do you receive contactless payments made from wearables?

Some of your customers may want to avoid having to take out their phone or debit card, preferring to pay fast by contactless using a wearable device.

That could be a bracelet, ring, watch or key ring. They just have to hold it close to your payment terminal to pay by means of a chip built into their accessory that’s linked to their KBC Debit Card.

Payments of up to 50 euros don’t require your customers to enter their PIN. Larger amounts need to be confirmed by PIN, just like with contactless card payments.

Check whether your payment terminal can accept contactless payments, which most do. Wearables payments can be made at any Bancontact or Maestro terminal displaying the contactless logo.

4. How do you receive contactless payments made from smartwatches?

Hoe contactloos betalen met je sporthorloge of smartwatch?

If your customers have a Garmin or Fitbit smartwatch, they just have to hold it close to the contactless reader on your payment terminal for a few seconds (there’s no need to touch it) and enter their PIN to pay.

A few more tips

Display health & safety information at the entrance to your business, including these tips:

  • Stay at a safe distance from others (at least 1.5 metres)
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Avoid touching your face while shopping
  • Touch only items you want to buy
  • Wipe down payment terminal keypads thoroughly with a disinfecting wipe (then bin it) before entering your PIN
  • Disinfect your phone’s screen regularly
  • Shop online as much as possible
  • Stay at home to save lives

Many of the tips above apply to you and your business too. You should also:

  • Offer disinfectant wipes next to your payment terminal
  • Keep your counter and worktop as clear as possible to make it easier to clean
  • Remind visitors to your pharmacy of the most important hygiene measures (including washing hands, keeping a distance, coughing and sneezing hygiene, and staying indoors when symptoms occur).
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