Pay Me

More with mobile payments

Pay Me

More with mobile payments

Use your phone or tablet as a payment terminal

Pair our special portable card reader with your smartphone and tablet to let your customers pay you conveniently on the spot.


Connect your phone or tablet to our special card reader by Bluetooth to receive payments sent over the existing network connection (GPRS or Wi-Fi) on your device.

Cheaper than a payment terminal

You don't need a payment terminal, just our compact card reader.

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If you’re already with us, your application will be fast-tracked. Complete the application form or contact KBC Live. As soon as your contract is ready, you can sign it easily online in KBC Touch, KBC Mobile or KBC Business Dashboard.

Why choose mobile payments?

Your smartphone or tablet and a card reader are all you need to use KBC Pay Me. You could call it the new digital payment terminal. Your customers will also benefit from this app since they can pay easily and securely with their card in just a few steps.

Even more benefits

Receive mobile payments with KBC Pay Me

Fees and charges

One-off purchase of card reader

99 euros
Operating charges See info sheet

Mobile application download

Free of charge

Installation and set-up

Free of charge

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