Pay Service

Let your terminal help you succeed

Pay Service

Let your terminal help you succeed

Fixed payment terminal

KBC-Pay Service is a non-portable payment terminal.

Low costs

KBC-Pay Service uses your existing internet connection and is supplied with a payment software package as standard. You do not require a separate communication line, thereby saving you money on your telephone costs.

All card types accepted

Customers can pay using any type of payment card.

Free reporting tool

24/7 telephone technical support via CCV

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Why choose KBC Pay Service?

It's a simple payment solution that is easily accessible to your customers and is linked to your Windows computer. It allows you to securely process payments made by card or lunch voucher.

Who is it for?

As a self-employed person, you want to offer your customers an outstanding payment service. Ideally without a heap of additional costs and administrative burden. If you'd prefer a portable device, the Yoximo might be a better solution for you.

Here's what you get from KBC

Secure payment terminal

With the KBC Pay Service, you can rely on a convenient payment device that works quickly and securely, and benefits both you and your customers. If you have any problems you can find the solution in the user guide. 

Accepts all cards

Whether your customers want to pay by credit card, classic bank card or electronic luncheon voucher, it doesn’t matter; the PIN-pad card reader can even read ID cards. The only thing you need to do is connect the system to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. Did you know that you can also use the PIN pad as a display for your customers? They type in their secret code, and you're done!

Easy-to-read reporting tool

KBC Pay Service comes with user-friendly software, helping you to manage your payments even better. You can do this via a convenient overview that you can even configure yourself. Export your data as an Excel or PDF file to make your administration easy. 

Extra! If the income you receive through your payment terminal is transferred to a KBC business account, you can save 15 euros a year on the handling fee for your KBC Business Compact or KBC Business Convenience.

24/7 technical assistance

Your payment terminal comes with a Service Plus agreement from CCV Belgium as standard, so you benefit from round-the-clock telephone support. If there's a fault in the device, a member of staff will be at your door within 24 hours.

Also included

  • Available in four languages
  • Touchscreen functionality for compatible computers
  • Customisable interface and receipts
  • Open-ended software licence agreement
  • Subscription to Wordline NV for processing Bancontact payments

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