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KBC Home Insurance for owners

  • You take out your insurance instantly online
  • File insurance claims using our app or by contacting your insurance agent
  • We take care of the repairs from A to Z

This offer also applies to home insurance for tenants and landlords.

What is covered by home insurance?

Home insurance covers far more than fire damage alone. KBC Home Insurance covers your home and its contents (including against theft).

1. Home insurance

What is covered?

You are insured against all unexpected damage to

  • The home itself
  • Its terraces, its driveway and its enclosure
  • Any constructions attached to the home
  • Are you renting out part of your home, or are you renting out your garage? Your tenant is included in the insurance in this case. If you would also like to insure your garden house, detached garage or pool house, we recommend our ‘detached annexes’ cover.

Not insured

Damage caused by:

  • Surface instability
  • Groundwater or precipitation caused by your cellars or exterior walls not being waterproof
  • Work being carried out on-site
  • Correction of construction flaws
  • The complete list of exclusions can be found in the General Conditions.

Your home is insured against all risks

KBC Home Insurance protects your home from all types of loss and damage, except for a number of exclusions that are provided in the General Conditions. This ensures that even types of loss and damage not taken into account are fully covered.

2. Home contents insurance

Your home may be well insured, but what about its contents?
What if …

  • A tree falls on top of your garden furniture due to heavy winds?
  • Your dishwasher is destroyed by lightning strike?
  • Someone steals your laptop or jewellery?

KBC Home Insurance for owners automatically covers your home contents, including against theft.

What is covered?

All risks under the General Conditions, without minimum claim amount. A few examples:

  • Damage caused by, for example, fire, explosion, storm, hail, lightning, water, collision, and theft or attempted theft to your
    • Home contents: furniture, clothing, bicycles, jewellery, television sets, etc.
    • Pets
    • Motor vehicles and their trailers
  • Home burglary, including theft involving violence, threats or a break-in while you are on holiday or in a public place
  • Theft of home contents outside the home like garden furniture
  • It is impossible to list all the risks that can damage your home contents. That's why we also provide compensation for damage to the contents of at least 1 250 euros, caused by other, unexpected events.

Not insured

  • Loss
  • Deliberate damage
  • Damage caused by flooding or by the overflowing of public sewers to items outside the home
  • Theft of or from a vehicle located elsewhere (other than in a locked private garage) or on a public road
  • Unique property, such as art objects and antiques. We recommend our specific ‘Valuables’ cover for this purpose For further information, ask your Insurance Expert.
  • The complete list of exclusions can be found in the General Conditions.

Where are your home contents insured?

  • At your home address
  • In your own garage, even if this is located elsewhere or you are renting the garage
  • In a building or part of a building you do not own, and are leasing or using, such as a student residence
  • In a retirement or care home

We insure your luggage in the holiday home you rent or in your hotel room Pets (insured everywhere)


Depending on your requirements, you can extend your insurance by adding the following types of cover: garden insurance, swimming pool insurance or insurance against contamination caused by leaks from your fuel oil tank (i.e. soil decontamination insurance).


Get a Google Home Mini

What is Google Home Mini?

Google Home Mini is a compact, smart loudspeaker that you control using your voice. The integrated Google Assistant answers your questions and carries out tasks for you.

Google Home Mini works seamlessly with optimised Smart Home devices that, for example, control the lighting in your home, work your shutters or activate your alarm with your smartphone, thus securing your home against burglary.


We will send you your Google Home Mini about six weeks after you have taken out new home insurance in KBC Touch, in KBC Mobile or on the KBC website, and provided this insurance wasn't cancelled. The offer applies to KBC Home Insurance you take out as tenant, owner or landlord, and to both your first residence and your second residence.

The Google Home Mini will be sent to the policyholder's place of residence. You will receive maximum one Google Home Mini per address and per family (as long as the offer applies and stocks last).

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