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KBC offers you excellent travel insurance depending
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Annual travel

(KBC Travel Insurance)
Cover all your trips and holidays for the duration of one year.
This insurance applies worldwide.

Temporary travel

(KBC Holiday Insurance)
Cover one specific trip.

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Personal assistance cover
Cancellation cover
Baggage cover
Extra-protection travel accident cover
Travel disputes cover

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Who can you include in your travel insurance?

  • The policyholder can be a private individual or legal entity.
  • The insured persons are named in the special conditions.
  • You are free to choose who is insured.
    • you can insure persons who are not living under the same roof as you (for example, your partner who does not live with you, your children who live somewhere else, grandparents who also wish to insure their grandchildren, etc.)
    • you can insure up to ten people.
  • Any children of the policyholder (private individual) born after the annual insurance is taken out, will be automatically covered up to the age of five, even if they are not explicitly named in the special conditions. Adopted children will be automatically covered up to five years after their adoption.
  • The insured persons must be domiciled in Belgium and have their principal place of residence there.

Frequently asked questions

What is considered to be a trip or travel?

We define a trip or travel as a journey taken in Belgium or abroad that includes at least one booked overnight stay, or for which the insured person can prove that the stay concerns at least two consecutive days by presenting a return ticket.

Can children or grandchildren who are not living with the policyholder also be insured?

You are free to choose who is insured. Even children or grandchildren who are not living with the policyholder can be insured.

Is my vehicle also insured under this travel insurance?

No, vehicle assistance cannot be insured under this travel insurance. However, you can take out roadside assistance cover under your car insurance or under a separate contract.

Can I add extra people to my annual travel insurance?

Yes, you can do so at any time during the term of the contract. To do so, please contact your insurance intermediary as soon as you decide to add them.

What happens if I am travelling abroad for more than four months?

Stays of up to four months abroad are covered as standard. For longer stays, please contact your insurance intermediary.