Every start-up business is different for KBC, as is our advice.

KBC wants to be your partner... and not just in the financial sense.

Exclusive benefits for new KBC business clients

  • Your UNIZO Starter's Pass (only available in Dutch)
    If you hold a UNIZO Starter's Pass and open a business account at KBC, you will receive an additional 100 euros on your account.

    Order your UNIZO Starter's Pass now

  • Exclusive offer for start-ups
    We have a great special offer starting on 1 January this year for businesses set up and registered in 2016. If you also take out three types of business insurance with us this year, we'll put 125 euros* onto your business account with us.
    Just because we believe in you.

    Interested? Contact your KBC Bank branch or KBC Insurance agent today.

    * Offer runs from 1 January to 31 December 2016. See offer terms and conditions (in Dutch) at ondernemen.kbc.be/startersverzekeringen.

  • UNIZO Go4Business offer
    If you've had UNIZO GO4Business start-up business coaching and the business viability report they gave you at the end says your idea has success written all over it, we'll put 100 euros onto your KBC business account.

Your business start-up account

When you are looking to start up a new venture, you need a business account, but which one at KBC is best suited to your personal situation?

Choose your account

Basic information for start-up businesses

It takes a considerable effort to start your own business. You need to complete numerous formalities and to make a number of important choices. KBC will be happy to help you on your way.

Supplementary advice and sources of information (only available in Dutch)