See what’s new in KBC Business Dashboard

See what’s new in KBC Business Dashboard

Our easy-to-use, customisable Business Dashboard already allowed you to manage your day-to-day banking at a glance. Now it lets you do even more.

View certificates online when and where it suits you best

Access certificates in just a few clicks or taps through Business Dashboard for:

  • Confirming account holder identity
  • Work-related accident insurance
  • Internal health & safety reporting
  • Customer standing purposes
  • Auditing

Get a business debit or credit card for yourself, a colleague or an employee with ease

Apply in just a few steps:

  • Use KBC Business Dashboard to request a debit or credit card (if you’re authorised to use the relevant bank account)
  • Apply right from your Accounts widget under ‘Options’
  • Get your application approved online by the legal representative or agent you specify.

It’s as simple as that. A few days after we’ve processed your application, you receive your new card by post.

Sign online

Did you know that we let you sign online for credit contracts not requiring new guarantees using KBC Business Dashboard and our mobile app, KBC Business?
They also let you easily draw down loans (if you’re authorised to do so on behalf of the business as a legal representative). Start seeing the benefits today:

  • Avoid returning documents to us by post
  • Get contracts processed faster

Legal representatives can also digitally sign for amendments to e-banking contracts, fax and e-mail contracts, and changes to an account’s opening slip.

You can now also digitally sign leasing and rental contracts (originating from or referred through our branches) using Business Dashboard. That means even faster processing, shorter turnaround times and no having to return paperwork to us.

In certain circumstances, people who aren’t legal representatives can also digitally sign documents. Ask at one of our Corporate Centres today for more details and to find out more about mandate contracts.

Swift GPI (Global Payments Initiative)

Business Dashboard now makes it easy to track and trace your international payments, making costs and turnaround times a lot more transparent.
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