Do you have a tax pre-payment plan? If not, watch out for high fines!

The government recently tripled fines for companies who do not make any advance payments to the tax authority. Until recently the fine was modest: 1.125 percent of the revenue in 2016. But in 2017 this doubled to 2.25 percent, and this year companies will pay 6.75 percent!

Avoid fines. Make use of the KBC tax pre-payment plan

So making advance payments makes good sense! KBC is more than happy to help, and for this we have developed the KBC tax pre-payment plan, an advantageous financing solution:

  • You avoid fines and a tax increase
  • The interest you pay for the financing is fully tax deductible
  • You spread your tax burden throughout the year 

Learn more information about the KBC tax pre-payment plan or contact your Relationship Manager now for further information. Together with you they will work out how you can benefit from the advantages of the KBC tax pre-payment plan.