KBC Cash Budget Credit

Your solution for annually recurring expenses

KBC Cash Budget Credit

Your solution for annually recurring expenses

Leaves your capital freely available

Your capital remains free to cover unforeseen expenses, finance investments, etc.

Periodic repayment

A significant one-off expense is spread over a longer period of time (up to 12 months).

Saves on tax

The interest and charges for the cash budget credit are tax-deductible.

Spread your expenditure

Do you look forward each year to paying your staff’s holiday pay and year-end bonuses (‘13th month’)? Probably not; but KBC can help you there: the KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility enables you to spread your annually recurring staff costs over up to 12 months. There are of course lots of benefits. For example, you will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that your capital is preserved to cover unforeseen expenses or to finance investments.

Two goals

  • To finance the payment of holiday allowances;
  • To finance payment of the ‘13th month’ (year-end bonus).

The benefits

  • Your liquidity remains intact
  • You know how much you will repay and for how long.
  • The interest and charges are tax-deductible.

Contact your KBC relationship manager to discuss your finance needs.

Contact your relationship manager

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