KBC Trade Club

The online community for international trade

KBC Trade Club

The online community for international trade

Trade proposals that fit you

The Community Manager suggests trade possibilities based on your profile and needs.

Global network

Business knows no borders. Extend your network by no fewer than 16 000 international companies.

A treasure-chest of info

Find all about doing international trade in a global repository packed with relevant trade info.

What is KBC Trade Club?

KBC Trade Club, the online community for international trade

KBC Trade Club is a free online platform and community for cross-border trade. If you're on the lookout for trade relations in other countries, KBC Trade Club is here to assist you make contact with the companies that might just be your ideal trading partners. On top of which, you get access to a digital repository full of useful information on international trade.

Who KBC Trade Club is aimed at

Any business can potentially become a member of this online community.

To ensure that the trading partners on the platform attain a certain minimum quality level, we first screen all applicants before we give them an activation code. This involves looking at credit ratings and possible negative signals.

The benefits for you

Find trading partners easily

KBC Trade Club helps you find perfect trading partners in foreign countries. As a user of the platform, you get a proposal tailored to the information you've uploaded, though you can also browse the community for profiles that attract your attention.

A treasure-chest of info

KBC Trade Club is more than just a community. The platform also contains a global digital repository with no fewer than 23 000 pages crammed with relevant commercial information: from import-export figures, customs regulations and country and sector information right down to market statistics and logistical info.

Far-flung network

At the present time, no fewer than 18 banks are offering this platform. That means that a grand total of 16000 companies are active in the network, a number that's just growing and growing.

That's good news for you: the larger the community, the bigger the chance that there'll be an interesting trading partner somewhere among them.

So, what's it going to cost you?

It doesn't cost a cent to sign up to KBC Trade Club.

Getting going in KBC Trade Club?

Are you already using the KBC Business Dashboard?

Then the administrator of the Business Dashboard can request direct access to the KBC Trade Club for you via the Business Dashboard.

Follow these steps for a smooth application:

Step 1: Launch Business Dashboard and go to ‘Administration’ at the top right
Step 2: Open ‘Companies’
Step 3: View the list of application administrators at your company
Step 4: E-mail or call an application administrator at your company and ask them to add you as a KBC Trade Club user
Step 5: Get e-mail confirmation that we’ve given you access to KBC Trade Club once your administrator has added you
Step 6: Start using KBC Trade Club through Business Dashboard

Add the application now in Business Dashboard


Just e-mail us at tradeclub@kbc.be. Our specialists are here for you whenever you have a query or to help you complete the application process.

Are you self-employed or have an SME? Find out more about KBC Trade Club.

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