Bereavement support

Ensure your finances are taken care of properly and simply during bereavement

Bereavement support

Ensure your finances are taken care of properly and simply during bereavement

Bereavement is always a difficult time in our lives. During this emotional period there is a lot to organise, with many questions needing answered. We're there to help you as much as we can. We'll also advise you on how to secure your family's financial future after your death and make sure that your assets get legally transferred to them in accordance with your wishes.

KBC helps you

At KBC, we're here for you with an entire Estates team to support you when you lose a loved one. When you notify us that one of our clients has died, much of the attendant paperwork is dealt with for you. We give you useful information and ensure a smooth procedure for winding up the deceased's KBC banking and insurance matters. 

What to do when someone dies

Bereavement support

When you lose someone dear to you, you may be faced with having to deal with several administrative formalities as soon as possible. Other aspects can be dealt with somewhat later. It's often hard to know where to start. Our bereavement checklist will help you on your way.

Notify us of the death

Informing us of the death of a family member or someone close to you is the first step to making sure the deceased's financial affairs are taken care of properly and smoothly. You do this easily online. We then inform you what procedures need to be gone through at each stage of the process.

Register as next of kin

Next of kin need to register in the estate file in order to be included as possible heirs. It's easy to register yourself and others as next of kin online.

Ensure bills are still paid

To protect the rights of heirs, the law requires us to temporarily freeze access to any accounts or safe-deposit boxes held by the deceased and their spouse or partner (including joint accounts). We do this the minute we hear of the death.
As heir, you can still pay the bills

  • With a living expenses allowance, provided you're eligible: as the surviving spouse or legal cohabitee, you can receive a limited amount from the funds on an accessible account to cover day-to-day expenses
  • Use your future income from an accessible account
  • Use your own funds

You can pay certain bills from the frozen accounts if they are funded sufficiently.

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