Estates experts

Estates experts

If you've recently lost a loved one, please accept our sincerest sympathy. Our bereavement support team is there for you with estates experts to help you sort out the deceased's banking and insurance affairs. They'll also advise you on things like what to do with their home and car.

Your personal adviser when you lose a loved one

When you notify us that one of our clients has died, we deal with much of the attendant paperwork for you. One of our experts will be there with personalised advice to help you deal with the deceased's financial affairs with us and their estate. They're your dedicated contact for all your questions and concerns.

At all stages of dealing with the deceased's estate, your personal adviser will be on hand to answer any questions you might have or explain anything that's unclear.

How your estates expert will help you

Your estates expert will:

1. Ensure that you can keep paying the bills

To protect the rights of heirs, the law requires us to temporarily freeze access to any accounts or safe-deposit boxes held by the deceased and their spouse or partner (including joint accounts). We do this the minute we hear of the death. Your personal adviser will make sure that you can still pay the bills.

  • They will immediately take steps to make sure that you, as surviving spouse or legal cohabitee, are paid a sum to an accessible account to cover day-to-day expenses. They'll also see to it that this amount is put onto the account you use the most without you having to ask for this to be done.
  • Certain bills can still be paid from frozen accounts by your personal adviser if you give them the bills.

2. Tell you what needs taken care of and when

Your estates expert will meet and talk with you about sorting out the deceased's banking and insurance affairs with us. They'll also advise you on other things that might need to be taken care of like what to do with their home and car and how. Your estates expert will tell you which documents you need at every stage of dealing with the deceased's estate and give you advice tailored to your specific situation. And they'll let you know where and how to get the documents you need so everything goes smoothly.

We'll also give you a detailed and personalised summary of your meeting with us in the form of our  "Guidance & Advice for Relatives" pack, which you can take away with you and read through again at your leisure.

3. Help you apply for probate

Heirs must inform the tax authorities of any inheritance. The tax authorities will calculate the taxes that you must pay on your inheritance based on the declaration you make. Your estates expert will help you with declaring inheritance by giving you an overview of what we submit to the tax authorities (our "Guidance & Advice for Tax Returns"  pack).

4. Advise you on distributing assets the deceased held with us

Your estates expert will advise on distributing assets held with us among the heirs and make sure that is done in accordance with your wishes.

We've got other specialists ready to help you too

An inheritance can mean changes to your financial situation. That may require other expert advice. Your estates expert will be happy to pass on your details to another KBC specialist who can help in your specific case, avoiding the need to repeat your story to them at such a difficult time. That could be in situations such as where you suddenly inherit a large sum of money and need advice on how best to invest it.

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