Protect your heirs

Protect your heirs

Pay some thought to how your death could affect the financial security of your heirs. There are several things you can do now to ensure your heirs are left in good financial shape after you die.

Financial support for your heirs after you're gone

Our life insurance offers your family financial protection if you die as the result of an accident or illness. The insurance pays out to your family in such cases, enabling them to continue paying the bills and cover any inheritance tax due. You decide the amount you want to be insured for (minimum 12500 euros) and who the beneficiaries are.

Our low-cost account insurance pays out if you die or become permanently disabled as a result of an accident. You can nominate one or more beneficiaries.

Insurance to cover funeral costs

Our funeral insurance removes financial worries like covering the funeral bill, which we pay directly to the funeral director. You decide the amount you want to be insured for (from 4000 up to a maximum of 10000 euros) and you can even have that indexed. That way, the sum you have insured moves in line with the future cost of a funeral. Whatever money is left over after the funeral goes to your heirs.

Insurance to keep repaying loans following bereavement

Insurance for a personal loan

If you’re paying off a personal loan (an instalment loan), we offer you instalment loan financial protection insurance. That ensures that your partner and children won't have to continue paying off your loan if you die. The outstanding balance of the loan – both the capital and the interest – is paid off in full by the insurer. What’s more, you are automatically insured against work disability (if you're completely unfit for work for a minimum of 90 consecutive days).

Insurance for a home loan

If you take out a home loan, you can cover yourself against unexpected death by taking out mortgage protection cover like our loan balance insurance. If you die, the insurance company will pay back all or part of the outstanding amount to the financial institution where you have your loan.

If you take out a home loan in the joint names of you and your partner, it is best if you both take out loan balance insurance for the entire amount of the loan. If one of you dies, the surviving partner is then fully relieved of the burden of the loan and any further repayments.

Reduce the inheritance tax burden on your heirs

When your heirs inherit part of your assets, they'll begrudge having to immediately give up some of that in the form of inheritance tax. Savings or investment-type life insurance could be a good solution for this and an easy way to do your wealth and inheritance planning.

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