Apply for your insurance online

in KBC Touch

Apply for your insurance online

in KBC Touch

At KBC, it's easy to apply for insurance from the comfort of your own home. Instantly, at any time that suits you on your tablet or PC with KBC Touch. Simulate your own insurance in a few clicks.

Don't have family insurance yet? It's easy to simulate it yourself and take it out in KBC Touch. Want to make a few changes to your family insurance? Just make an appointment with your contact person in Touch.

You can simulate car insurance and property insurance in Touch too. Satisfied with the simulation? Send the result to your KBC contact person from Touch. You can then complete your application with your insurance agent or in branch.

The easy digital way to take out insurance

Family insurance

You can take out family insurance quickly online in KBC Touch. Based on a few questions about your wishes and requirements, we'll recommend the right insurance for you. If that ticks your boxes, go ahead and sign your digital application in Touch. It's really simple and fast. Take out your family insurance online today and you'll be covered tomorrow.


Have you had family insurance in the past or have you just taken it out? You'll find all the information about your insurance on the Family dashboard in Touch. What you're covered for, who your contact person is, how much your premium is and how and when you have to pay. Any questions or extra requirements? Just make an appointment in Touch for further advice or assistance. 

Car and property insurance

It's easy to simulate car and property insurance in KBC Touch too. Just fill in a few details about the features of your vehicle or home. If you're happy with the result, you can make an appointment with your KBC agent or branch from the simulator. You can also send the details of your simulation through in one click, so that your KBC contact person is in the picture and can prepare your policy quickly during your appointment.

If you interrupt the simulation, for instance because you have to find more information about your home or car, the data is saved. You can simply carry on with the calculations in your next session.

Recommendations from your KBC team

When carrying out an insurance simulation, you'll be presented with some questions and options. Based on your answers, the simulation works out a policy for you. But you might still have some questions about the result. You can ask your KBC agent or branch during opening hours or call them on + 32 16 43 29 15, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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