When a storm is forecast

Prevention tips

When a storm is forecast

Prevention tips

Prevent storm damage

Storms or strong winds can cause a lot of bother and damage, so it pays to be prepared. Count the number of seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder to get an idea of how far away a storm is and how long you still have before it arrives. Every three seconds is roughly equivalent to one kilometre.

  • Take patio furniture, bins, gardening tools and ornaments inside or secure them
  • Close sunshades and put away parasols
  • If you’re in the woods, seek shelter in a group of low trees and never stand under a tree standing on its own
  • You are best protected in a car
  • Don’t stand in front of an open window
  • Unplug all electrical devices to prevent them being destroyed if lightning strikes
  • Disconnect radio and TV cables
  • Put your car in your garage or under your carport

Prevent hail damage

  • Park your car in a garage or under a roof
  • If you have to park your car outside, then protect it with a thick blanket
  • Protect skylights with a thick blanket or old carpet
  • Leave your pool cover open instead of closing it

Driving in a storm or hail storm

  • Look for a safe, covered place and wait for the storm to pass
  • If you cannot find shelter, then stop in a safe place and wait for the storm or hail storm to pass. This reduces the impact and damage.

Report a claim

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, damage does occur. In that case, it’s important to report your claim as quickly as possible.

1. File your claim using KBC Assist

Easily send us a brief description and digital photos of the damage if you have a claim under your home insurance. We do the rest!

Once you file a claim using KBC Assist, your KBC insurance contact gets an e-mail with all the relevant information, enabling them (and the people at VAB Breakdown Assistance in some cases) to start processing the claim. You also receive an e-mail confirmation.

Download KBC Assist free to your smartphone

2. Claims reporting at KBC

  • Contact your KBC Insurance agent
    He or she will expertly assist you in starting up your claim and guide you through the subsequent stages involved.
    Find your KBC Insurance agent.
  • Call the KBC 24+ call centre : 
    If you are unable to contact your KBC Insurance agent or need immediate and urgent claims-related assistance, call the KBC 24+ service at any time.
    • 0800 964 64 (free number)
    • + 32 16 24 24 24 (abroad)

How can I ensure that my claim is handled quickly and efficiently?

Provide us with all essential information as quickly as possible:

  • The circumstances
  • Who was involved
  • What has been damaged
  • Who has been injured

Learn more or get help on KBC Assist

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