What do we do at KBC to secure online banking?

What do we do at KBC to secure online banking?

At KBC, we do our utmost to ensure that your online banking is as secure as possible.

That includes enforcing a number of security measures that require you to: 

  • Bank online over a secure connection so you can securely exchange information with us
  • Log in to so that we can verify your identify to allow you access to our online banking services and view your account and other details (so never divulge your credentials to anyone)
  • Digitally sign payment orders to authorise them
  • Stay within certain payment limits that restrict the amount you spend online every day
  • Log in again after being automatically logged out of an online banking session after being idle for a fixed amount of time 

Our security experts also work hard behind the scenes to: 

  • Track and continuously analyse cybercriminal activity to adapt and fine-tune our security measures
  • Monitor potentially suspicious online activity on your accounts