Home loan

KBC Home Loan

Home loan

KBC Home Loan

Made just for you

We'll tailor your home loan to fit your personal situation, ability to repay and preferences.

Expert advice

Get professional advice and the mortgage loan you need. You can count on KBC.

Work it out in 2 minutes

See how much your home loan will cost you in just 2 minutes.

Why go for a mortgage loan?

Get a great rate, expert advice from a KBC adviser and the option of changing your loan for free with a KBC Home Loan.

Your mortgage loan your way

Home loan mortgage

Whatever your personal situation, ability to repay or preferences, we have the right mortgage loan for you. Choose from our wide range of terms and formulas.

Pay less with a KBC Convenience Rate

When you take out a mortgage loan with us, you may be eligible for our special KBC Convenience Rate. You qualify when you take out a KBC Home Loan together with KBC Loan Balance Insurance and have your earnings paid into a KBC Current Account.

Pay less for your home loan with FlexTime 

With a KBC FlexTime Home Loan, you're opting for a variable-rate loan linked to a savings account. Each time the interest rate on your loan is reviewed, we check how much you have on your savings account. The amount you have saved is used automatically to make full or partial early repayment free of charge. So, you pay off your loan sooner and also pay less for it. 


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