Fire insurance policy for tenants

KBC Home Insurance for tenants

Fire insurance policy for tenants

KBC Home Insurance for tenants

Comprehensive liability insurance

KBC compensates many types of damage to the home as a result of an error made by you.

Extensive legal assistance

We will pay the costs and fees of lawyers and experts up to a maximum of EUR 100,000 per claim.

Contents insurance

The contents of your home are included in your home insurance policy as standard. Inside and outside (in certain situations).

What is the benefit of choosing this fire insurance policy?

Standard insurance offers extensive cover for your liability in case of damage to your rented accommodation. Additional options allow you to include your contents, valuable objects and legal disputes in the cover.

An example of when you can rely on your fire insurance policy

Your contents are included in your insurance policy and you come home to find that your home or apartment is flooded. The water damage to the home and your contents will be compensated. And if a leak was the cause, we will have it repaired.

Tenant's Insurance

What is insured?

Your liability in accordance with the tenancy laws as laid down in the Civil Code. This means that we compensate damage to the home as a result of an error made by you.

  • Home, outbuildings and fences
  • A rented garage which may be located elsewhere
  • Items which are permanently fixed to the building

What is not insured?

  • Additional obligations you have agreed to in the lease contract which would exceed your legal liability
  • Deliberate damage to or theft of goods by you or members of your household
  • Typical rental damage (such as wall plugs)
  • Damage caused by pets
  • Damage caused by carrying out work

Specific options of the fire insurance policy

We would like to provide you with optimum protection, but each situation is different. That is why we offer various additional options, so that you can decide what you need.

Contents insurance

What is insured?

  • Damage to the contents and pets as a result of an insured event, such as fire, explosion, storm, hail, lightning, water damage, collision, theft or attempted theft.
  • We provide you with a list of insured events, but we also compensate damage resulting from events not on this list. Condition: you did not expect a particular event to occur and the damage amounts to at least EUR 1,250. That is our 'all-risk' level of protection.
  • Damage to fixed equipment or improvements you made to the home at your expense.

Where are you insured?

  • At your home address
  • In your own garage, even if it is located elsewhere
  • In rented student accommodation
  • In a retirement or care home

What is not insured?

  • Loss of your goods
  • Damage caused intentionally by yourself or your family members
  • Damage caused by flooding to goods not located in a closed building
  • Damage caused by the use, cleaning, processing or repair of goods
  • Goods under guarantee

Optional: insuring your valuables

You may wish to opt for additional insurance for certain items for an amount of your choice and against all risks.

What is insured?

Fire insurance policy - Optional: insuring your valuables
  • Damage to your valuables, such as jewellery, sports equipment, musical instruments, laptops, antiques, etc.
  • All risks. This means all unexpected damage to, destruction of or loss of the insured items.
  • We can insure certain items worldwide, including jewellery, sports equipment, laptops and musical instruments.

What is not insured?

  • Damage caused by an inherent defect in the insured object
  • Gradual damage resulting from exposure to slow-acting influences (discolouration, pollution, etc.)
  • Damage which has no influence on the use or function of the insured object
  • Items still under guarantee
  • Damage caused intentionally or by cleaning, processing, repair or restoration

Tenant's legal assistance insurance

Your legal assistance file will be handled by Defendo, an independent and expert team of employees. They guarantee honest advice and will handle your file confidentially.

What is insured?

Legal assistance if you have a dispute with the landlord about:

  • the tranquillity, safety and inhabitability of the rented home;
  • the recovery of a loss due to a defect in the rented home.

Have you been personally injured? Defendo will help you to claim compensation. In the event that you are suspected of a criminal offence, Defendo will arrange your criminal defence. This includes if you are arrested, as well as when you are entitled to consult a lawyer.

Up to a certain agreed amount, Defendo will compensate the damage incurred if the person liable is financially unable to compensate you.

What is not insured?

  • Fines, charges and amicable settlements
  • Disputes relating to commercial leases or intent

Optional: Soil remediation insurance

If you heat your home or apartment with fuel oil... you are responsible for regular inspections and the remediation of any polluted soil. This applies both to owners and tenants. Even if the pollution is not caused by you, for example during a refill, you will be responsible for the remediation (cleaning) of the soil.

What is insured?

Fire insurance policy - Optional: Soil remediation insurance

Both the risk as well as the practical organisation of the obligatory soil remediation.

  •  The remediation process
  • We also compensate damage resulting from the remediation process, such as damage to you garden or to third parties

We will send an assessor to:

  • determine the nature and seriousness of the pollution;
  • take measures to limit the consequences;
  • advise you on the legally prescribed procedures if the soil is contaminated;
  • help you take care of the formalities.

What is not insured?

  • Contamination which already existed when the cover commenced
  • Any decrease in value or loss of use of the remediated soil
  • Pollution resulting from natural disasters

Things you also need to know

  • KBC Home Insurance for tenants may include one or more of the following:

Home Contents Insurance

This is a form of property damage insurance

Insurance of valuable objects

This is a form of property damage insurance

Soil remediation insurance

This is a form of property damage insurance

Tenant's insurance

This is a third-party liability insurance policy for tenants

Legal assistance insurance for tenants

This is a legal assistance insurance policy for tenants

  • This product is governed by the laws of Belgium.
  • The types of insurance in this policy apply for a term of one year and will be tacitly renewed unless terminated no later than three months before the principal renewal date.
  • Your intermediary is your first point of contact for any complaints you may have. If no agreement can be reached, you can contact KBC Complaints Management, Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven,, tel. 0800 62 084 (free number) or 078 15 20 45 (pay number), fax 016 86 30 38. If this does not result in a satisfactory solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman, which acts for the entire industry, at Meeûsplantsoen 35, 1000 Brussels, or visit
    However, you always retain the right to initiate legal proceedings.

For a KBC Home Insurance quote, please visit our website or contact your KBC insurance intermediary.

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The company is licensed by the National Bank of Belgium, de Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, for all classes of insurance under code 0014 (Royal Decree of 4 July 1979, Belgian Official Gazette of 14 July 1979).
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Please refer to the product fact sheet for a concise description of the cover and the most important exclusions, as well as other useful information

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