Change your settings with KBC Mobile

Change your settings with KBC Mobile

KBC Mobile allows you to change your PIN, personalise your app, change your limits and link your smartwatch. Tap the menu icon at the top left of your screen and select 'Profile'.

  1. Change PIN: changing your PIN regularly is never a bad idea as it keeps your app safe and secure

  2. Personalisation: here you can change your name and start screen and add a personal touch with a photo

  3. Change limit: here you can set the maximum amount you can transfer with the app, with the ability to set this separately for:
        a. Transfers between your own accounts: unlimited
        b. Transfers to other accounts: up to 1,000 euros a day
        c. Cash withdrawals from an ATM with MobileCash:up to 250 euros a day

  4. Smartwatch: this feature allows you to select the current accounts you want to view the balance of on your smartwatch (you can do this for up to two current accounts).

  5. You can change the sequence of your accounts to arrange and view them in a preferred order

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