Save and invest using KBC Mobile

Save and invest using KBC Mobile


KBC Mobile shows your savings accounts just below the overview of your current accounts. You immediately see how much you have saved with the monthly savings facility in your Start2Save savings account and how much money is in your other savings account(s). It's also very easy to transfer money from your savings account to your current account or vice versa. Transfers are made in real time and balances are updated immediately.


If you save for your retirement with a Pricos pension savings fund, you can track this in the KBC Mobile smartphone banking app. The total amount invested in your Pricos pension savings fund is shown below the list of current accounts and savings accounts. Tap on the investment fund to see at a glance the tax exemption ceiling for the current year and how much you still need to pay in to reach this and get the full tax break. Top up your pension savings by tapping 'Pricos transfer' in the top right corner.

The tax treatment depends on your personal situation and may change in the future.

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