New in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch

New in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch

Thanks for your reactions and comments.

We've received plenty of useful feedback and comments since launching our apps. It's something that's really appreciated! Your reactions have guided us in the right direction and have now given us the opportunity to unveil the new capabilities of KBC Touch and KBC Mobile.

We hope you enjoy them! If you have any suggestions for future updates, please don't hesitate to contact us and help us continue to improve our digital services.

New from March 2016

New in KBC Mobile

  You can now log in to KBC Mobile and sign transactions using your thumbprint or fingerprint. It's not only handy, it's secure too. The update is currently only available for iOS devices, but will be available later for Android devices. 
New in KBC Touch Overview

The partially sighted can now view KBC Touch in a special high contrast mode. This can be enabled by simply switching it on in your settings.


Visually impaired users can now also use the keyboard to navigate around KBC Touch and do their routine banking business. Screen-reading software reads aloud the text on the screen.


A speaking card reader is also available to allow the user to log in and sign transactions with ease. 


We've added a button that allows you to choose between a list or tiled view of your accounts.


You can check to see whether a certain transaction has been carried out using our new search feature. And sharing details of a transaction is possible by copying and pasting them into an e-mail.


We've also seen to it that, when you transfer money, you can see your account balance while you make the transfer.


For your credit card, you can now see the equivalent euro value of transactions in foreign currencies.

Savings & investments

You can use the 'Details' feature to submit orders during a chat or video chat session with a KBC staff member.


You can now see an overview of all your investment plans.

Contact If you need a quick answer, your KBC Team is now on hand to help you between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

We've also released another set of new features for business clients.

General From now on, you can use the KBC Mobile Sign app on your smartphone to log in and sign transactions in KBC Touch for your PC.
Loans & Credit Facilities for Businesses Straight loans can now be drawn down in KBC Touch.

What can you still expect?

We haven't been idling our time away and will shortly be launching lots of new features.

From the end of June:

  • you will also be able to download your reports in CSV format
  • the starting and closing balances will be included in your reports


We plan to carry out optimisations of account statements later this year

In use since November 2015

KBC Touch

Ability to buy online using KBC Touch for your tablet with just your PIN (no card reader needed).


Export your account information in reports and save them as PDF files (using the search function) or print them off


Fire insurance

  • Run a simulation quickly and easily online
  • Save, edit and remit a simulation


Family insurance

  • Simulate and take out this type of insurance
KBC Mobile

Manage your bank cards and credit cards: temporarily deactivate your card for use in certain countries and change limits


Use Mobile Pay to make and receive payments to or from the Bancontact app or other banks' apps


Pay in online stores or shops without your bank card simply by scanning a QR code


See the maximum amount eligible for tax relief on your Pricos account and make an additional deposit quickly and easily

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