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East Flanders, Flemish Brabant

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Junior (0->2 years), Medior/Experienced (2->5 years)

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What does this job entail?

If you have your own vision of the possibilities inherent in technology and a strong opinion about coding, you probably want to dive into your own challenging projects as quickly as possible, right? Examples? Co-building an app that’s used by the broader public. Or using new technology to innovate.

This is exactly what you do at KBC, together with your highly experienced colleagues. The learning opportunities are there for you to grab. Maybe you would like to quickly take the next step? Super: we want that as well.You will start as a Software Engineer, and in time you can advance to lead developer or another exciting role within KBC.

What do we expect from you?

  • First and foremost, you work with your colleagues to develop new features and maintain our applications. This is certainly not just writing code day and night, although your knowledge of programming languages will play a part. You use it for working on existing programs or calling up data.
  • Over the next two years or so, you’ll grow in your role as a coach and manage the team. You will then become their primary point of contact and sparring partner. You share in the responsibility for the quality of the code that’s written and think about our application and systems architecture.

Your key strengths?

Confident businesswoman working on laptop at her workplace at modern office.Blurred background.
  • You’re driven to learn more.
  • You’ve established a strong technical foundation and are now looking to take your knowledge further in different areas:
    • Python
    • Java (Spring, Spring Boot, etc.)
    • HTML5 technology (Angular, Typescript, CSS, Pug/SCSS, etc.)
    • RESTful webservices
    • JSON
  • You’ll impress us with knowledge of other technologies. And if you’re frequently to be found on GitHub? You’ll really grab our attention!
  • You communicate fluently in Dutch and English, which you know to be particularly important due to the international context in which you work.
  • You enjoy working together with the whole team to fulfil preset goals.
  • You meet the needs of being a lead developer: a combination of technical knowledge and strong communication, coordination and coaching skills. You’re able to develop these with our support and guidance.

What if you feel you’re not yet 100% ready for this challenge? No problem. We know that white ravens don’t exist. And that young lions do. If you have a strong foundation and the motivation, we look forward to helping you grow.

What can we offer you?

  • We provide excellent onboarding in which you and the other starters get to know KBC IT. A mentor helps you to make a smooth start in your job and to gradually shape your career.
  • Throughout your entire career at KBC, we encourage you to grow as a person and as a professional. You can follow training courses in which you further sharpen your hard and soft skills.
  • Our offices are easily accessible by public transport. You’re also welcome to partly work from home.
  • Flexible work hours help you to balance your work and your private life.
  • We offer you a permanent contract and a competitive salary, supplemented by extralegal benefits. Sounds familiar? Of course. It’s what you read in every job description. At KBC, we make a difference with our extended flex package. It’s too extensive to go into details here. However, we will happily discuss the various benefits—large and small—at your interview.

Can you help us make the difference?

I’ve always been interested in technology. Thanks to this job, I’ll always stay up to date with the latest technological developments and work on cool projects.

Eline van Straaten

Respect and inclusion are core values at KBC.

We believe that the individuality of our employees and the diversity of our teams make it possible to achieve great things. That’s why we recruit new employees based on talent and motivation, regardless of their background or story.

Interested in contributing to new ideas and solutions that help our customers and society move forward?
Like to join us in innovating, greening and connecting to others every day and help us achieve our aim of being the reference in the financial sector?
And how would you like to do all that at a ‘Top Employer’?

If this ticks all your boxes, apply now so we can get to know you.
And, who knows, you might soon be embarking on this exciting journey with us.

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Steffi Wylock

KBC moves with you, even during your career path. Apply now!

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