Find flexible student work with ease using K’Ching

Want to earn extra money or add work experience to your CV? Use Seal Jobs to easily find student jobs, including longer term work or last-minute jobs for the weekend.

You’re just a few steps away from viewing local vacancies, chatting with employers and applying. Get job offers and sign up for them online – all right from your phone. Bye-bye temping agencies!

When it comes to getting paid, all you have to do is open K’Ching to see your wages appearing on your account. Nice and easy, plus Seal Jobs is totally free of charge!

How does it work?

  1. Open K’Ching and go to the Discover screen
    Tap the Seal Jobs tile.

  2. Apply
    K’Ching will show you a list of jobs you can filter by region and sector. Once you’ve found the job for you, apply away!

  3. Confirm
    Once you apply, you’re texted a link to a form you need to fill in to confirm your application.

  4. Make more arrangements by chat or video call
    If you’d like to add more details, ask questions or make more arrangements, there’s no need for e-mailing or phone calls. Simply contact the employer using the chat feature.

  5. Seal the deal
    If the employer is also interested in you, happy days! They’ll make you a job offer, then you can sign up in full and sort everything out with them right there in the app. Enjoy your new job!

  6. Goodbye skint, hello mint! 😉
    Your wages for all that hard work are put straight onto your account in K’Ching. Activate alerts to know when you’re in the money again. Ka-ching!

Choose from hundreds of employers

Seal Jobs always has work to fit you. Search a range of sectors to find your ideal job: