Data Scientist internship

Leuven/Gent – fixed-term – full-time

Data Scientist internship

Leuven/Gent – fixed-term – full-time

What does this job entail?

In a changing market environment, where customer needs are more diverse and customer expectations are more personalized, KBC group wants to optimally use the growing “data footprint” of the market to become more customer centric and become a reference in data analytics. Ultimately, we aim to transform our business into a data driven group.

KBC therefore wants to attract external capabilities that are highly advanced in exploiting, analysing and modelling data but most importantly, who are able to apply the insights in the business context. Our Data team will operate on Corporate level, working in support of all Business Units.


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What do we expect from you?

You are accountable for:

  • Feeding local Business Units with unknown insights based on data and assisting them with the commercial activation of these insights
  • Testing commercial hypotheses as suggested by Business Units or from within the own group aiming to provide monetizing of data.
  • Becoming the reference for Big Data expertise within the Group with regards to Data Analysis & Modelling
  • Ensuring the evolution of a knowledge and technology base throughout the Group
  • A close collaborative relationship with IT in deploying and maintaining data solutions
  • Establishing and exploiting partnerships outside KBC, academic and commercial.


Louvain or Ghent, with possible trips to other KBC headquarters internationally.

Your key strengths

Educational background (academic or otherwise)
You are a student Master in Artificial intelligence or comparable field

Technical Skills
Our ideal candidate is passionate about working with data both professionally and in leisure time.

You are able to manage and analyse large data sets with analytic rigor by using the usual toolset of statistical and machine-learning methods, you have a good understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and strategies for data processing, data/text mining, and you are able to implement them in business context.

You are familiar with the standard data science stack like Python on Jupyter Notebooks with Pandas, Scikit-learn and/or Graphlab Create. You have a basic knowledge of R and corporate data analytics tools like SAS or SPSS modeller. Knowledge of Apache Spark is a big plus.

You are strong in exploratory analysis, finding and communicating stories found in the data. Knowledge of tools like D3.js, ggplot or Bokeh could help.

You have a certain understanding of relational and non-relational databases, can wrangle data in different formats like JSON, flat-files or relational tables and understand how the data is accessed by APIs and web applications. Web-scraping skills are an advantage.

Knowledge and experience with SQL, RDBMS and NOSQL database is an advantage. Strong coding capabilities is also an advantage.

Non-Technical Skills
You have great drive and entrepreneurial attitude. You challenge your colleagues and yourself and drive ideas and initiatives forward at a start-up speed.

You are a constant learner, easily adapting to a fast-paced environment. You have to be persistent, innovative, curious, pragmatic and creative when facing complex problems.

You have excellent communication skills, can clearly present and visualize your work to others. You can clearly communicate the outcomes of complicated analyses and make complex things simple without dropping the essence of the problem.

You are self-driven and independent but you are not afraid to ask if you don’t know. Also, you are a good team player helping others and bringing good atmosphere to the team.

Preferably, you have obtained these skills through working experience in a corporate environment or in a successful start-up. Knowledge in the field of financial services, marketing or client behaviour (banking industry, telecom) is strongly preferred.

Most importantly, you have business mentality and are proficient in turning data discoveries into actionable insights creating value for the company.


If you have any further questions about the job content, please contact the recruiter: MELIHERDEM.KOCTEPE@KBC.BE

And don't forget to check out our frequently asked questions as posed by other 'creators'. They'll also tell you how you yourself can monitor your application's progress.

Published on 30/08/2018                                                          

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