ICT internship: Blockchain architecture

Internship - 2019/2020 - Leuven

ICT internship: Blockchain architecture

Internship - 2019/2020 - Leuven

Description of the internship

KBC invests in blockchain technology to be prepared for the day after tomorrow. Across the different business units, across domains, across the financial sector and across the globe: we’re active in quite some blockchain related initiatives. We run our own projects, we’re part of (inter)national consortia, we impact policies and regulations.

With a stern focus on collaboration, we aim to rethink existing processes keeping this single shared source of truth in mind. You’re a part of the Discovery team, where promising technologies are put into practice. The Blockchain Solution Lab is probably the most known herald of the experimental yet result-driven attitude from Discovery.
Blockchain technology evolves every month, every week, every day. There are many technoogies in Blockchain.  Blockchain is often compared to the internet, although the difference between these two is huge. For internet SMTP, HTTP where standardized protocols for interoperability, but for Blockchain there is no such standard (yet). For the coins, the Interledger protocols make it possible to bring one coin from 1 network (e.g. Bitcoin) to another (e.g. Ethereum). But what about other assets that go much broader than ‘a coin as payment medium’. A Bond, a security, an Trade Finance asset? Today Enterprise Blockchain solutions are built on Hyperledger/Corda; Ethereum Enterprise alliance isn’t there yet with a production version. Now, how does interoperability look like for an asset other than a coin between hyperledger and Corda? Can it be built with the interledger protocol? what would an architectural design pattern look like to update states in another blockchain?

When? We’re a flexible organisation. The project will take place during a period which matches your schedule. It is possible to complete the assignment in a single period or on an x day per week basis.
Where? The location for this project will be our headquarters in Leuven (Brusselsesteenweg 100). It is possible to come by public transportation by using the 651 bus line from Leuven station or the dedicated KBC busses, which are available during the regular morning and evening commute hours. Of course you’re free to use any other form of transportation.

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What do we expect from you?

  • Investigate existing interoperability protocols/designs.
  • List challenges/requirements for other assets than a coin.
  • Theoretically work out a design with another asset than a coin.

We are looking for

  • Master level.
  • Basic reasoning skills about modular development.
  • Self motivated.
  • Curious about new and unproven technology.

What's in it for you?

  • Learn Blockchain in practice, surrounded by those who are hands-on day in day out.
  • Help to pave on a future blockchain concepts.
  • Help to solve a real life problem.

More information?

Not convinced yet?

Feel free to request more information by sending an email to: personeel@kbc.be

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