EGL to Cobol

Stage - najaar 2019 - Brussel

EGL to Cobol

Stage - najaar 2019 - Brussel

Description of the internship

KBC is one of the largest mainframe users in Belgium, covering multiple domains within the Bank (credit request process, dealing room, risk management,…). As a long-time mainframe user, we have evolved through different 3th and 4th generation programming languages built on COBOL.

Currently we reverted to native COBOL, but a lot of code was still generated in EGL, which makes management more complex. As we don’t want to convert all this code manually, we want to build a tool that can do the conversion for us.

To do this, we are counting on you!

When?  We’re aiming for early 2019, but have the flexibility to align with you and your class schedule.

Where?  The main part of this internship takes place in Brussels (don’t worry, it’s quite easy to reach). However, we also have the option to work in Leuven or Ghent on specific days, if that suits you better.

What do we expect from you?

  • Together with your colleagues you build a tool that can convert EGL code to (readable) COBOL code.
  • You check if the tool works and you test it on real life software, which – if successful – you move to our production environment.
  • To allow this, you will be part of a mainframe team, and – if time allows and you’re interested – you could also take up other maintenance tasks.
  • You set up a migration and test process, that can be used by KBC colleagues to convert all software at KBC side. Don’t worry: you don’t have to convert all software at KBC, you just need to make sure we can do it using your tool.

What's in it for you?

  • You will be part of a team managing multiple batch and online mainframe applications (both in maintenance mode as working on new projects).
  • You will get responsibility, the opportunity to bring your ideas and realise them.
  • You will get a personal coach and mentor to support you during your entire internship.
  • The opportunity to demonstrate your realisation to mainframe specialists and senior management.
  • The option to take up additional tasks in a real-life maintenance team, if you’re interested in getting this experience as well.


We are looking for

  • An enthusiastic colleague who is not afraid to offer own ideas and input.
  • Knowledge of mainframe technologies and COBOL.
  • An opportunity to meet you!

More information?

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