Smart Contract Lifecycle

Stage/Masterthesis - voorjaar 2019 - Leuven

Smart Contract Lifecycle

Stage/Masterthesis - voorjaar 2019 - Leuven

Description of the internship

Due to the immutable character of blockchain and the code (smart contracts) which runs on top of this technology, it seems to clash with the proven way of software development. Starting off from a minimum viable product and improving upon that product with incremental updates and upgrades seems to result in a mismatch.

It should however still be possible to find a suitable approach to allow this kind of iteration for smart contracts and the applications which make use of them. The student is expected to research existing solutions for the problem at hand while getting to know the current and fast-moving blockchain landscape.

Afterwards both a theoretical and practical approach need to be developed and applied on a real-world use case. This includes setting up a working build pipeline for updating and/or patching of smart contracts without losing data or breaking functionality.

When? We’re a flexible organisation. The assignment will take place during the first half of 2019 during a period which matches the trainee’s schedule. It is possible to complete the assignment in a single period or on an x day per week basis.

Where? The location for this assignment will be our headquarters in Leuven (Brusselsesteenweg 100). It is possible to come by public transportation by using the 651 bus line from Leuven station or the dedicated KBC busses, which are available during the regular morning and evening commute hours. Of course you’re free to use any other form of transportation.

What do we expect from you?

  • Deployment of a private blockchain network.
  • Scheme for smart contract versioning and deployment (theoretical).
  • Deployment pipeline for smart contract versioning (practical).

What's in it for you?

  • Getting in depth insights in the world of blockchain technology.
  • Working with cutting edge technologies.
  • Getting insights into the development of modern web applications.


We are looking for

Someone who is/has:

  • Self motivated.
  • Curious about new and unproven technology.
  • A Master’s level of understanding of ICT.
  • Basic reasoning skills about modular development.

More information?

Not convinced yet?

Feel free to request more information by sending an email to : or

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