Socially responsible investing at Private Banking & Wealth

Socially responsible investing at Private Banking & Wealth

What is socially responsible investment?

Socially responsible investment entails investing in countries and companies that mitigate their impact on the environment and make a positive contribution to society. Green and responsible business practices are, therefore, rewarded and future generations benefit accordingly.

Socially responsible investment at Private Banking & Wealth

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  • Regardless of the investment formula that's right for you, you'll always be given the opportunity to make socially responsible investments at KBC Private Banking & Wealth.
  • SRI funds perform just as well as traditional funds. That means you don't miss out on return by making this type of investment.
  • Socially responsible investing enables you to contribute to a better society for yourself, others and future generations.

Good to know:
Socially responsible investment (SRI) is making strong inroads. At present, when clients at KBC have to choose between a traditional investment fund and a SRI fund, half of them go for the sustainable version.


Our main strengths:

1. KBC Group is committed to sustainability
KBC Group sets clear sustainability targets and reports on what has been achieved. KBC strives to incorporate good health and general well-being, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, and climate action into its products and services.

2. KBC is transparent and works with independent experts and an external research agency
In all that we do, we work together with independent experts (SRI Advisory Board) who continually scrutinise and refine our methodology.

  • We work with Sustainalytics, an independent research agency that regularly screens companies on the basis of sustainability parameters related to the environment, social policy and corporate governance.
  • Our SRI funds have been awarded a quality standard for socially responsible investments, an initiative undertaken by Febelfin. We exclude companies that are active in controversial sectors such as the weapons, adult entertainment and gambling industries. We do not include the fur industry either and do not invest, for example, in fossil fuels.
  • We are transparent: our research results and the exclusion criteria respected by KBC are provided on our website.

KBC has the socially responsible investment to suit your situation

KBC has three approaches to choose from when it comes to socially responsible investment funds. All three never lose sight of potential return, because that remains essential.

  • Our Best-in-Class funds offer you the widest selection of investments in different sectors and countries, though only in countries and companies that are among the best in terms of sustainability (not only with regard to the environment, but also good governance and social aspects).
  • An Impact Investing fund that helps the world make progress by investing in companies that seek to positively impact society and the environment through their products and services.
  • Three thematic funds that focus on sustainable solutions for specific problems, such as climate change, water scarcity and the quest for alternative energy sources.

Why choose KBC?

At KBC, we have over 28 years’ experience with socially responsible investments and take pride in having launched the first SRI fund and the first impact investing fund in Belgium. Our SRI offering is the result of disciplined sustainability research carried out together with independent experts. This has been used for a number of purposes, including for building a model based on criteria that businesses and countries must meet if they are to be considered ‘sustainable’.

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