Enjoy a well-earned worry-free break!

What do you need?

Enjoy a well-earned worry-free break!

What do you need?

I’m going on holiday and I’m taking along ...

Going on holiday soon? If so, make sure that you are well prepared before you leave. No doubt, you've got your travel documents and your first aid kit ready. But have you sorted out your insurance? And how are you going to pay while you're away? Go through the KBC holiday checklist of everything you might need, so that you can enjoy a well-earned worry-free break!

Travel insurance

If you are heading off, we recommend you take out travel insurance. You decide which options to include in the policy (luggage cover, cancellation cover, travel accident cover, etc.) and whether it's for a single trip or the whole year. The choice is yours.

Insurance for driving on holiday

Ga je op autovakantie? Controleer dan of je wel alle nodige verzekeringen hebt. Onze vakantiechecklist helpt je.

If you intend to drive when on holiday, you won't be able go out on the road without having third-party liability insurance. This insurance covers the damage you cause in an accident if you're at fault.

If you are leaving on holiday in your own car, it's a good idea to have more extensive cover.

Insurance to protect your family while on holiday

But what if you are involved in an accident abroad?

Accidents can happen before you know it, including when you are abroad. Fortunately, you can contact us any time, anywhere for:

  • help with car insurance claims
  • help with family insurance claims
  • help with hospitalisation claims

Need to talk with a specialist? That’s perfectly possible, too. Just call + 32 16 43 29 15.

Paying in cash

Your credit card: the multi-purpose solution

Whether it's from the day you decide to go on holiday until the moment you return home, your KBC credit card is the ideal way to arrange and check all your payments.

  • Before you leave: book your holiday in just a few minutes.
  • While travelling: pay tolls and fill up in seconds.
  • At your destination: pay using your card and PIN in shops, restaurants and care hire companies.
  • Back home: check your holiday expenditure in KBC Touch or KBC Mobile and stagger repayment of what you've spent on your card.

Carefree travel with KBC's range of apps!

  • Before you leave: Easily activate your bank card and/or debit card for worldwide use in KBC Mobile if you are planning a trip outside Europe. Order your currency using KBC Touch if you'd rather pay in cash.
  • While travelling: Immediately get the right help using KBC Assist if you have a car accident or break down on holiday.
  • At your destination: Quickly check the balance available on your account or your credit card during your trip using KBC Mobile.

A few more useful holiday tips

  • Before you leave, gather together your travel documents, ID card, passport and/or visa, and keep a close eye on them when you are away.
  • Put together a first aid kit and always take your World Assistance Card from your health insurance fund.
  • If you intend to drive when on holiday, be sure to familiarise yourself with the traffic rules in the countries you are passing through and visiting.
  • Visit the FPS Foreign Affairs website for additional travel information.

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