Safe skiing

10 rules

Safe skiing

10 rules

Rules of conduct for piste safety

If you're holidaying on the ski slopes this winter, be sure to read the International Ski Federation's rules of conduct for preventing accidents on the slopes. If you don't follow these rules and this results in an accident, you may be held liable for the financial consequences and even be prosecuted. The rules are there to keep everyone safe on the slopes and should be observed at all times.

  1. Respect other piste users
    Never endanger other skiers or snowboarders.
  2. Control your speed
    Adapt the manner and speed of your skiing to your ability and to the prevailing conditions of slopes, snow and weather, as well as to the number of skiers.
  3. Give way
    If you're skiing or snowboarding, you must give way to other skiers or snowboarders ahead of you.
  4. Overtake carefully
    You may over­take another ski­er or snow­board­er to the right or to the left provided you leave plenty of space and don't obstruct them.
  5. Beware when merging into a run
    When entering or re-entering a marked run, look up and down the slopes be­fore moving so as not to en­danger yourself or others.
  6. Avoid stopping in narrow or hard-to-see places
    Don't stop on the piste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. If you fall and haven't been hurt, move clear of the piste as soon as possible. If someone has been hurt you should warn skiers and snowboarders descending.
  7. Climbing or descending on foot
    Keep to the side of the piste when climbing or descending on foot.
  8. Obey signs and markings
    Always heed signs and markings, and obey instructions from slope safety staff.
  9. You must provide assistance
    If someone's had an ac­ci­dent on the slopes, you must stop and ask if you can help them and clear the way for the emergency services when they arrive.
  10. Keep a form of ID on you at all times
    You must be able to identify yourself and exchange names and addresses following an accident, even if you weren't involved. 

More tips

  • Make sure you've got the right gear and do warm-up exercises before hitting the slopes.
    A helmet will greatly help to reduce injuries if you fall or crash.
  • Our family insurance covers you and your family if you cause an accident on the ski slopes.
  • KBC-VAB Assistance Insurance covers you if your car breaks down. And you get worldwide personal assistance services for you and your whole family.

Report a claim

Sometimes, despite all your efforts, damage does occur. In that case, it’s important to report your claim as quickly as possible.

1. File your claim using KBC Assist

Easily send us a brief description and digital photos of the damage if you have a claim under your home insurance. We do the rest!

Once you file a claim using KBC Assist, your KBC insurance contact gets an e-mail with all the relevant information, enabling them (and the people at VAB Breakdown Assistance in some cases) to start processing the claim. You also receive an e-mail confirmation.

Download KBC Assist free to your smartphone

2. Claims reporting at KBC

  • Contact your KBC Insurance agent
    Your KBC Insurance agent will be happy to help you open a claim and guide you through the steps for having it settled.
    Find your KBC Insurance agent.
  • Call the 24+ call centre: 
    If you are unable to contact your KBC Insurance agent or need immediate and urgent claims-related assistance, call the 24+ service at any time.

How can I ensure that my claim is handled quickly and efficiently?

Provide us with all essential information as quickly as possible:

  • The circumstances
  • Who was involved
  • What has been damaged
  • Who has been injured

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