Should you insure your dog?

Read on to learn why it's worth insuring your dog

Should you insure your dog?

Read on to learn why it's worth insuring your dog

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Are you planning to become a dog owner? If so, you're doubtlessly looking forward to the arrival of your four-legged friend. Dogs offer unconditional loyalty and provide endless entertainment. But we'd like to draw your attention to a few risks before you rush out to the pet shop, dog breeder or shelter. After all, a dog is an instinctive animal, and that inevitably makes things unpredictable. Find out below why it's worthwhile taking out this insurance.

What risks should you insure against?

Even though dogs were the first species to be domesticated, they are still animals, which means that unfortunately it's not possible to rule out all risks. These often involve major consequences: a large number of dog-bite cases involving children result in facial injuries, and in 85% of all such incidents the dog involved is familiar to the child. You should therefore always take the following into account: 

  • Some dogs don't just bark – they bite, too. Whether it's unassuming passers-by or innocent toddlers that get bitten, the disaster is generally a complete surprise. 
  • Your dog can also unintentionally cause a traffic accident, or even fall victim to an accident. Just think of unexpected manoeuvres or traffic noises that could startle your dog and cause it to run away in blind fear.
  • A large dog is surprisingly strong. An accident while playing with the girl next door can happen in a split second: a contusion, a broken leg ... it occurs more often than you think.

Family insurance: the solution to many different risks

The risks discussed above can also come with a hefty bill if you are not insured. Our family insurance covers the physical, material and immaterial damage you cause to third parties in your private life. 

If your dog causes loss, damage or injury to another individual, you are usually liable. A family insurance policy will compensate the victim in such cases.

The 'Insure dog' option offers peace of mind

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A personal liability insurance policy will only cover the damage to a third party (somebody outside your family) that you are liable for as the owner of the dog. Insuring your dog allows you to go a step further: if your dog bites somebody (regardless of who they are) and that person sustains a physical injury, this will be covered by the insurer. 

If you are a dog owner, we therefore advise you to also select the 'Insurance for your dog' option on your family insurance policy. That way, you will have peace of mind whenever you take your dog out for a walk, and you won't need to worry about any financial losses caused by your dog. And all this comes at an additional premium of less than 40 euros a year.

What does it cover?

  • There's always a chance that your dog might fall victim to a traffic accident. In that case, we would compensate the veterinary fees (up to 2,000 euros). What if your dog is killed in traffic? Then we will compensate you for the cremation expenses up to 350 euros, as well as the purchase of a similar dog. 
  • What if your dog bites somebody? Then we will indemnify the damage, regardless of liability. Anyone who gets bitten is protected, whoever they are: whether a family member, a grandchild, your babysitter, the postman, etc.
  • If a family member is admitted to hospital and nobody is able to look after the dog as a result, we provide up to 300 euros to compensate the cost of sending the dog to a kennel. Given an average cost of 10 to 15 euros per day, that corresponds to a stay of 20 to 30 days.
  • What if another dog bites someone in your family? In that case, too, we will compensate any physical injuries – even if the dog's owner is never tracked down or they are unable to pay for the damage.

What doesn't it cover?

The insurance for your dog provides protection with no dispute, even if there is provocation involved (for example, if the little girl next door pulls on your dog's tail and is bitten as a result). There are just a few risks that are not covered. For instance, you may not take out insurance for your dog if you breed or own dogs for professional purposes. Accidents that your dog falls victim to that do not involve traffic (such as fights with other dogs, or drowning) and medical costs due to sickness are not covered either.  

Tip: Did you know that KBC dog insurance has no deductible? What's more, even owners of multiple dogs can rest easy, as all dogs are covered by the same policy for a premium of less than 40 euros per year!

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