How to prevent break-ins

How to prevent break-ins

Over 200 properties are broken into every day in Belgium. Falling victim to a break-in brings a large number of consequences. As well as the unanticipated damage to your home and the theft of your valuables, there is also a psychological impact. You are left with a feeling of insecurity due to somebody having invaded your private life.

What steps can you take to prevent a break-in?

There are a number of much cheaper measures you can take to reduce the risk of a break-in beyond installing alarm systems or camera surveillance. Find out how to ward off burglars by following a few simple tips.

Break-in security of your home

1. Install exterior lighting with a motion detector

2. Avoid planting tall hedges in front of your home, as these can conceal criminals while they go about their business

3. Lock not just your windows and doors, but also your garage, your garden shed, etc.
4. Do not stick any notes on your door to let people know that you are not at home
5. Ask somebody to collect your post for you, as an overflowing postbox gives a clear signal that you are not at home
6. Do not leave any ladders, rubbish bins or other aids in places that are accessible to potential burglars
7. Leave a few toys lying around. This gives the impression that your home is occupied
8. Do not leave any valuables visible through the window
9. Illuminate your home for a while every evening using an energy-saving lamp plugged into a timer switch

Ask the prevention adviser in your municipality to carry out a free safety inspection on your home.
Your KBC insurance expert is also available to offer you useful advice.

Photograph your valuables

The KBC Assist app allows you to store photos of your valuable effects online. If one of your valuable possessions is lost or stolen, you can refer to the photos in the album.

Find out how you can

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