Don't forget about the kids

Moving house brings many changes

A new home, new daycare or schools, new pals – moving house can mean a lot of change for your kids. Bear this in mind when you go house hunting. If your child is old enough, you can involve them in your moving plans and take them with you when you go on a viewing.

How far away is everything?

When you're looking for somewhere new to move to, look at how far it is from daycare and schools.
Of course, daycare or schools should ideally be close to home. Alternatives are having a bus stop within walking distance or a school that's on your your way to work.
Have a word with the neighbours about schools and daycare in the area. And look on the website of the local authority where you want to go and live.

Deregistering and re-registering

Don't leave it too late to contact and visit new schools and daycare centres. With any luck, they'll have a place for your kids.
If you find a good new daycare centre or school, let the current one know when your child will be moving and register them at the new one.

Sports and games

If your kids attend a sports club or youth organisation, check that there are suitable facilities in the district that you're moving to.

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