Switching to KBC

Switching to KBC

Switching to KBC? We'll arrange everything for you within 8 banking days.

When changing bank there's no need to spend lots of time or money on it. KBC will arrange the full transfer of your payments to a KBC account within 8 banking days, completely free of charge, and without you having to pay a visit to your old bank.

Bank Switching Service

The Bank Switching Service allows you to move your payment transactions to KBC for free and without any worries, as KBC takes care of most of the paperwork. In other words, we will work with your old bank. Here are just a few of the things we'll do:

  • Transfer all your standing orders and credit transfer orders with a future execution date
  • Advise you about your active direct debits
  • Cancel your payment cards at your old bank
  • Close your old current account and transfer the balance to a KBC account

What you need to do

1. Open an account at KBC

This is easy to do online or in one of our bank branches.

2. Contact your debtors

Go through your account statements and note down who you receive regular payments from. Use the Febelfin letter template to inform all your debtors of the change. For instance, you should consider:

  • Your employer
  • Your health insurance fund
  • Your insurance company
  • The National Pensions Office
  • The tax authorities
  • Your tenant(s), if you rent out a property

3. Request new mandates for SEPA Direct Debits

When you change your current account, you must give new mandates to your creditors in order for them to be able to collect the amounts you owe them from your new account. You should complete the standard Febelfin form and send it to them to advise them of your new account and to request new mandate forms. Your creditors will then send you new mandates, which you should sign and send on to KBC. Examples of creditors:

  • Your energy supplier
  • Your water supplier
  • Your telecom provider

4. Ask to use the Bank Switching Service

fill in the Bank Switching Service Request form and submit it to your local KBC Bank branch. They will take care of the necessary formalities and ensure that everything is set up within 8 banking days. If required, you will also receive additional information about the Bank Switching Service.

5. Cut up your old credit and bank cards

Return them to your old bank. If you have an outstanding balance on one of your credit cards, you are advised to leave it on that card. You can then start paying it off via your KBC account.

Looking to take out credit and prepaid cards at KBC? Take the test and discover which card will suit you best.  

6. Move investments from your old bank

If you still have ongoing investments with your old bank, you can transfer them too. Go to your local %%bank% Bank branch and ask for more information.

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