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Backups and updates

Boost your digital health

Backups and updates


Why are backups so important?

Last year, the world was hit by the spread of the now infamous WannaCry ransomware virus outbreak. The speed at which it infected systems worldwide was unprecedented.
Over 230 000 devices were contaminated in 150 countries. Ransomware (ransom malware) is a type of malicious software that locks and encrypts a victim’s computer data (like documents, contact details and photos), then requires a ransom in order to regain access.
The WannaCry hackers demanded at least 250 euros to restore access. If you had a backup, you could restore most of the data yourself without needing to pay a ransom.

Why are updates so important?

The reason the WannaCry virus was able to strike so fast and hard was because it used an existing security vulnerability in IT systems. When a vulnerability is discovered in software, manufacturers issue security patches as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Install updates like this right away to prevent hackers from infecting your device with a virus.

In the case of WannaCry, a security update had already been available for three months to patch the vulnerability. Individuals and companies who were victims of WannaCry had therefore failed to install the update.


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