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Make insurance claims using KBC Mobile and KBC Touch

Make insurance claims using KBC Mobile and KBC Touch

Claim easily online

Having accidents or suffering damage is no fun. That’s why we make it easy for you to file insurance claims with us fast.

You don’t even need to call us or drop by. Simply claim on your insurance using our free KBC Mobile and KBC Touch apps.

How do you make insurance claims using KBC Mobile?

Option 1
Tap the Kate icon in the top-right corner. Say or type that you want to file a claim. Kate will then guide you through the process.

Option 2
Tap ‘%%mijnkbc%%’. Tap the insurance policy you want to use. You can now file your claim.

Option 3
Tap ‘%%mijnkbc%%, scroll down and tap the ‘All contacts’ link. Next, tap ‘File and track a damage, theft or hospitalisation claim’.

How do you make insurance claims using KBC Touch?

Log in to KBC Touch and select whether your claim relates to your 'Home', 'Family', 'Vehicle' or 'Business'. Then select the insurance under which you want to claim.

What kinds of insurance claims can be made online?

KBC Mobile and KBC Touch let you file insurance claims online for:

  • Hospital admissions
  • Personal loss or damage and accidents
  • Damage to your home by fire, flooding or natural disaster
  • Damage to your car, moped, bicycle or other vehicle (including the ability to track the status of your claims)

How do online claims work?

Hospitalisation insurance and comprehensive motor insurance claims are processed right away and our apps let you track them.

With other types of claims, the details are first sent to your KBC Insurance contact (or VAB, if your vehicle breaks down) when you submit your claim. They’ll then start processing it immediately and you’ll be updated on your claim as soon as possible.