Power cuts


Power cuts


What can I do ahead of time?

  • Put together a box of emergency supplies. Make sure it includes torches, candles, fresh batteries, a small amount of cash, a battery-powered radio and a couple of snug blankets (most central heating systems use electricity to control them and pump the water round the pipes).
  • Check with the people who live with you that they’re aware of these measures.
  • If you have essential equipment that can’t be charged up or that runs on batteries, consider getting an alternative power source. Solar panels connected to the grid do not produce any energy.
  • If a power cut is scheduled, make sure all sensitive equipment is switched off ahead of time: modems, decoders, computers and other electronic appliances. Lights, fridges and such like are not sensitive to power cuts and don’t need to be switched off beforehand. 

What should I do in case of power cuts

  • During power cuts, listen to a battery-operated radio to stay informed about the situation.

  • Turn off as many devices as possible so that the network will not be overloaded when the power supply is turned back on.

  • Opt for torches instead of candles. A handy emergency torch is now available in the Mums Know Best Safety Shop.

  • Do not travel if you don’t have to. If you do, you’re best to go on foot or by bike. That’s because the street lighting and traffic lights won’t be working. Make extra-sure that you can be seen on the street with hi-vis jackets, clothing that has reflective strips or LED lighting for cyclists and pedestrians

  • KBC bank branches and ATMs will be closed during any power cuts in their area. All security measures will, of course, remain operational. For urgent matters, please contact KBC Live.

  • Loss caused by an announced power cut is not insured. However, circumstances of an unexpected nature (e.g., falling down the stairs in the dark) will remain insured insofar as this cover is included in your policy.

  • Check the power cuts scheme to see whether power to your street is switched off if there’s an electricity shortage.
    For more tips, visit www.offon.be

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