Track your investments in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch

  • Buy and sell your investments quickly and securely
  • Track the value and performance of your investments
  • View detailed information about an investment product
View your investments
View your investments

Investing: anytime, anywhere

We understand it’s essential to be able to manage your investments at any time of day when it's convenient for you, including when you’re on the move. That’s why we have optimised our app so that you can easily access your investments from your smartphone or tablet and keep an overview of your invested assets.

Regardless of where you are and when, you can now:

  • Buy or sell investments
  • See your portfolio overview
  • View details of your investment products

And much more besides!

Simply open KBC Mobile on your smartphone or tablet, or open KBC Touch on your tablet or computer, go to Investments and discover the benefits of your personal investment dashboard. Because we believe that investing should be made easy.

Get reports filled with insights

You will receive useful portfolio reports that give you an insight into:

  • Return: how has the value of your portfolio changed and where are you at today?
  • Your portfolio allocation: in which asset categories, products and currencies are you currently invested?
  • Risk: are you a defensively minded investor or are you more dynamic and prefer to invest in shares?
  • Positions: what products are in your portfolio?
View your investments
View your investments