KBC Report to Society

KBC publishes its Report to Society, which gives detailed information on KBC’s long term vision and enhances the importance of sustainability within this strategy.

What exactly is corporate sustainability?

There are several different ways of looking at it: is it specifically concerned with the continued existence of our planet or, more generally, with responsibility for society in the long term? KBC is committed to the second, broader interpretation of sustainability. Our vision in a nutshell.

Responsibility in the short and long term

KBC helps its clients fulfil and protect their dreams. Families and businesses trust us to do that not only today, but tomorrow as well. The same goes for our partners, investors and employees. Our primary social responsibility, therefore, is to ensure KBC’s ongoing good health.

But a large company can also use its operations to help shape society, which is precisely what KBC aims to do in the area of sustainability.
As we explained in September 2016, we do not want to achieve this ambition by tinkering on the margins, but by making the entire way we do business more sustainable.

Sustainability Responsibility by KBC
View the Report to Society

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