Contactless payments

Make small payments without having to enter your PIN

Contactless payments

Make small payments without having to enter your PIN

What is paying by contactless?

bank card contactless symbol

You can pay quickly and securely for small purchases like a newspaper, coffee or train ticket simply by holding your payment card close to the payment terminal. That's all there is to it! It’s the ideal way to pay when you’re pushed for time.

 Paying by contactless works on the basis of  NFC (Near Field Communication). When your card and the payment terminal are equipped with this technology, they can 'communicate' with each other remotely. It means you no longer have to insert your card into the payment terminal and you usually won't have to enter your PIN either.

What do I need to make contactless payments?

Your bank card or your credit card.

If your card has the contactless wave symbol on it (see photo), and you see the same symbol on a payment terminal, you can pay by contactless there. A growing number of businesses in Belgium and abroad accept this payment method.

Contactless payments were already possible by debit card and now also by smartphone. Life just got a whole lot easier, especially if you’re in a hurry or have forgotten your card.

How can you pay contactless?

With your smartphone ( Google Pay or KBC Mobile)

If you've installed the KBC Mobile or the Google Pay app, you can also make contactless payments by holding your smartphone close to the payment terminal. It's a handy solution if you don't have your bank card or credit card with you. 

Are contactless payments safe?

You can make contactless payments of up to 25 euros or parking up to 50 euros without having to enter your PIN. However, you will always have to confirm payment with your PIN (or other smartphone security method) for higher amounts.

If you've made consecutive payments that come to 50 euros in total, you will have to insert your card again into the terminal and enter your PIN to be able to start paying again by contactless.

Disabling the contactless payment feature

The feature for making contactless payments is enabled automatically, but you can also disable it and enable it again in KBC Touch or KBC Mobile.

What if my KBC payment card's stolen?

If your KBC payment card's stolen, you need to have it stopped as quickly as possible by calling Card Stop (on + 32 70 344 344). That will also block the contactless payments function and keep criminal hands off your money.

If small amounts are debited from your account in the meantime without a PIN entry, KBC will compensate you the amount in question and in that case won't apply the standard 150 euro deductible for unauthorised expenditure prior to a Card Stop notification.

Are contactless payments using a KBC payment card secure?

Contactless payments are a secure means of paying. Your contactless card payments are processed in exactly the same way as regular payments made using your card and PIN.

Contactless payments are only possible if you hold your payment card or the wallet or purse containing it against the payment terminal. No contactless payment will be triggered if you happen to walk past or stand near a payment terminal with your card or your wallet or purse on you.

Payments over 25 euros (or whatever the threshold is in the country you're in) need you to enter your PIN. But your PIN may also be asked for as a security check after you've made a certain number of purchases.

Can I pay contactless without taking my KBC payment card out of my wallet or purse?

Yes, you can. Just hold your wallet or purse close to the payment terminal, but make sure there's one contactless (payment) card in it.

What does paying contactless cost?

You are not charged anything extra. The contactless payments function is included in the price of your KBC payment card.

Where can I pay contactless using a KBC payment card?

You can pay contactless in Belgium or when travelling abroad wherever the shop or merchant you're purchasing goods or services from displays the "contactless payments" icon on their payment terminal.

Can I choose whether or not I pay contactless?

Each time you pay, you yourself decide whether or not to pay contactless. The retailer will first ring up the total on their payment terminal or cash register. You then have a choice of either paying contactless or inserting your card into the terminal.

When is it advisable to choose contactless?

It's especially for small amounts up to 25 euros that contactless is best suited since you don't need to key your PIN in on the payment terminal. That's perfect for if you're rushing on somewhere.

When is my PIN required when paying contactless?

You need to enter your PIN for payments over 25 euros. In multi-storey car parks (and similar parking structures), the threshold is 50 euros. Outside Belgium, lower thresholds may apply.

Consecutive purchases can be made without entering your PIN until they reach 50 euros. When you reach that threshold you're asked to insert your payment card into the payment terminal and key in your PIN as a security check to prove the card is indeed yours.

For instance:

  • You're buying some odds and ends in the supermarket and the price comes to 12 euros. You pay contactless without entering your PIN.
  • Next door, you see a scarf, which you snap up for 24 euros. You pay contactless without entering your PIN.
  • Next day, you purchase tickets for the movies costing 16 euros. You pay contactless. But your PIN will be required because your total consecutive contactless payments now exceed 50 euros. 

Can I opt to switch off the 'contactless payments' function?

You can opt to switch the contactless function off and back on again in KBC Touch, KBC Mobile and KBC Business Dashboard.

Can I swap my present KBC payment card for a contactless payment card?

If you want to pay contactless but haven't yet got a KBC payment card allowing it, you can ask for a replacement KBC payment card in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch or by popping into your local KBC branch. If you have a KBC Plus Account, that's included in your monthly fee.

Or you can just wait till your current KBC payment card expires. Your replacement KBC payment card will then automatically have the contactless feature built in.

Can I pay contactless using my present KBC payment card?

KBC payment cards that you can make contactless payments with have this symbol on the front.

How does contactless payment work using a KBC payment card?

Contactless payment is when you can pay without inserting your card into the terminal. It's enough just to hold your card close to the payment terminal. You don’t even need to enter your PIN for smaller purchases up to 25 euros.

How does the 'contactless payments' technology work?

Contactless payments work using NFC (near field communication). Incorporated into your KBC payment card is an antenna that makes a wireless connection with the retailers' payment terminal. The connection is used to exchange the information needed to carry out the purchase as long as the card's held in your hands close to the 'contactless payments' symbol on the payment terminal. Once the transaction's complete, an audible tone is emitted by the terminal. It's as simple as that.

Can I opt to switch off the 'contactless payments' function?

You can opt to switch the contactless function off and back on again in KBC Touch, KBC Mobile and KBC Business Dashboard.

Can I be certain that the account linked to my contactless payment card hasn't been charged twice?

Without question. The terminal automatically shuts down once payment is carried out. Even if the card stays close to the payment terminal, the charge for your purchase can't be debited a second time.

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